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  • Portronics Cleansify- A new level of cleaning unlocked

    Published on February 15, 2022

    ~ Comes with 1080 FHD camera and LED Flash Light ~

    New Delhi: Hygiene becomes a task, especially if it is for something as delicate as ears. This can become a serious issue of hygiene in adults as well as in children since they usually refrain from getting their ears cleaned. Moreover, earbuds are not exactly the safest way to ensure clean ears. Having a device that is safe and even gives a peek inside to check for ear wax or any possible infection, makes the task easier. Today, Portronics has launched “Cleansify”, an ear otoscope.

    The ear microscope works at a frequency of 2.4Ghz, allowing for a fluid functioning of the ear camera. The ear camera has an ultra-fine 4.5mm lens that allows you to have a crystal clear view of the eardrums and the innate wall of the ear cavity. Besides, it gives a much clearer preview of the ear wax covering the walls of the cavity. Cleansify has a 3 Megapixels endoscope which makes for the best quality of live time shots of the inner ear cavity. This is a top-end version of endoscopes and makes for the perfect ear cleaning device.

    A 1080 FHD camera is a great add-on for such a device that usually gives out sketchy impressions. This feature will give you shots that are straight away pixels perfect and glitch-free! Cleansify comes with a 3 Axis Gyroscope, this feature defines the product in its entirety! Gyroscope is a tech that allows for angular orientation or in simpler words allows for angled views as compared to the general line of sight! The Portronics Cleansify has 300mAh powerful rechargeable battery that not only empowers the device but also makes it a perfect fit for the long run. The battery can be charged through any USB cable. In hindsight, the battery strength ensures the wellness and longevity of the device.

    Portronics Cleansify comes with LED flash for a proper view of the inner ear cavity. The device tip is screw secured and would not detach while in action. Usually, the tips are just mounted on the edge, which comes off if extra force is applied. The ear camera can be controlled at the mere ease of an app. The App can be downloaded from the Playstore and Appstore and explored further. The device works in perfect sync with the app, Cleansify will safely do the job!

    Pricing and Availability:

    Portronics Cleansify is priced at INR 1,999 and can be purchased from Amazon.in, Portronics.com, and other leading online and offline stores and comes with a 12-month warranty.


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