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  • PR giving stature to the startup ecosystem

    Published on September 26, 2021

    By Apoorva Dixit, PR & Communications Professional at Twenty7 Inc.

    It is quite often observed that the public is flabbergasted by the brands (their products and services) making a buzz in the media to such an extent that they turn a blind eye towards the efforts of Public Relations.

    Though Public Relations has gained popularity in metropolitan cities in recent years, there still lies a great loop in recognizing the potential of PR, especially in tier II and III cities. Not just the public, but even the companies are rendered indecisive under the influence of skepticism looming around the profession.

    On closely analyzing the situation, it has been perceived that it is PR at the grassroots behind the fame gained by the brand. To one’s surprise, Public Relations, if deployed strategically, has the capacity to drive the economy of the country. By working on the brand’s credibility, PR adds to the business value in the market.

    It is a common misconception where people think that PR services can be availed by big conglomerates as they are financially more stable and also well established. But on the contrary, Public Relations are more crucial and imperative for a startup’s success.

    Given that India is the hub to the world’s third-largest startup ecosystem, the new players are under great pressure to compete with not just the big companies but also with the emerging startups in the sector. With the intervention of PR, startups can grow their business which ultimately creates job opportunities, adding to the revenue model of the country.

    According to the Economic survey of 2020-21, India accounts for 41,061 startups out of which 39,000 startups are responsible for 4,70,000 jobs.

    But, having survived the first COVID-19 wave with great difficulty, the second wave caught the startups of guards. Surviving on the savings for more than a year, the startups are eager to shun any unnecessary financial obligation in their organization. Not being well versed with the advantages of PR, it tops the startup’s list of unwanted services.

    Taking a tour into PR services let’s elucidate its benefits for the startups:

    1)     Visibility amongst the stakeholders 

    It goes without saying that a startup is always making efforts to raise funds for the business. Here as crucial, it is to grab the attention of the investors, likewise, it is equally important to be recognized by the audience.

    But given the complexity of the market, startups are preoccupied with internal operations that they are not well prepared to create impact in the market. The PR acts as the messenger between the company and the stakeholders. The media coverages instill a sense of credibility about the brand.

    It influences various stakeholders associated with a brand – investors, customers, influencers, employees, stock analysts, etc. PR uses its tools to bring the brand to the forefront by making its voice heard to the audience and establishes its thought leadership in the industry.

    2)     Future investment

    It would not be wrong to say that PR is a future investment. The efforts put in by PR reap results in the long run. After hiring a PR, one needs to patiently wait for the tides to turn in their favour.

    PR works in close proximity to the journalists, hence, lining up for media coverages is a time-taking affair as journalists work under great pressure to meet their deadlines while juggling with timeline constraints.

    For consistent press coverages, long term strategies are devised by the PR experts where they invest time and effort to develop cordial relations with media. Once the media is acquainted with the brand, cracking stories for the brand becomes easier. Moreover, journalists recall the brand whenever they do a relevant story about the particular sector.

    3)     Establishes and strengthens the personal connection with the customers

    For all the entrepreneurs, businessmen and industrialists it is a known fact that customers are central to the fate of the business. It is the customers who can make or break a company. This is the reason why brands always strive to retain potential consumers as loyal customer base.

    PR helps in initiating and maintaining the personal connection with the customers. They communicate the ideals and aspirations of the founder. Showcasing the true personality of the founder makes it easier for the audience to connect with the brand. Once they have developed faith in the brand it is very difficult to discourage their hopes in the brand.

    Listing the advantages of Public Relations, startups planning to drop PR services must reconsider it. Contrary to their perception that investing in advertising will give generate more valuable results, PR garners earned results at a minuscule amount which is much valued by the audience for its authenticity.

    About the Author –

    Apoorva Dixit is a Public Relations & Communications Professional at Twenty7 Inc who believes in the power of content to narrate striking & evocative brand stories. With keen observation and analytical skills, she has successfully led PR campaigns for key brands across multiple sectors by leveraging her strength and expertise in the communications arena. Her core competencies include content generation, external communication, crisis communication, strategic planning, brand building, media and event management. Having worked with several leading global brands and corporates, Apoorva aspires to be a thriving marketing communications leader.


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