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  • Prasad Nagarkar, an entrepreneur and influencer emphasizes the importance of creativity

    Published on October 17, 2021

    Thinking and being out of the box is what creativity is all about. The world is commonplace, everyone follows a patterned way of life and thinking. Nevertheless, everyone has a lateral way of thinking it just needs to be stimulated. 

    Prasad Nagarkar is a prominent entrepreneur from Pune, who is also a lifestyle influencer on the most trendy social media platform Instagram. He is also a genuine believer in creativity. 

    The entrepreneur was always a great devotee of art and possessed a few qualities too. However,  to play his part of the responsibility in his family business, Prasad had to overlook his creative side.

    But sooner the entrepreneur merged his creative qualities with his business. Owning SS Nagarkar Jewellers, the business came up with some remarkable designs in jewellery. The designs were exceptionally breathtaking and have allured thousands of customers.

    Prasad believes that creativity cannot be abandoned and therefore no matter at what stage you stand in, you should always be unique from others. Uniqueness comes only by being creative.

    “Numerous brands are selling astonishing products. I wanted us to flourish so I brought my creative side out and made something new for the world. It was my creativity that helped me attain the market,” said Prasad
    By being creative you open your mind to a new world and realise things differently. Thinking laterally or being a creative person makes you a whole new individual. 

    Prasad Nagarkar’s creativity can also be seen on his Instagram page, where he posts extremely engaging reels and videos that inspire millions to create too. 

    Creativity takes courage. It separates an individual from other ordinary people. Prasad Nagarkar has lived a creative life and also inspires others.


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