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  • Princess Myra Has Arrived, Where Are You?

    Published on June 19, 2021

    The day Princess Myra put her first footstep on the staircase of her school, Dalhousie Public School, Badhani, She was blessed by Maa Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom. 

    The prodigal daughter of Mr. Lokesh Goyal, who is an entrepreneur and businessman, has entered her Jr. Kindergarten. Her activities at such a tender age are equivalent to that of the elder people. She dances, sings and has even learned the alphabets and numbers before entering school  the captivating personality she has is mesmerizing.

    As her name suggests, Myra is a real match for a princess. Myra never fails to surprise her parents, her grandpa, with different tricks and her banter makes them feel proud.

    Lokesh has also taught her to respect elders. “If you give respect, you will definitely get respect”, Lokesh says.

    Myra is very understanding and never disturbs her parents or other family members by unnecessary crying or troubling. You can see Myra playing peacefully with her grandpa Rajendra Goyal, President of Fair Deal Agencies, in the picture. Fairdeal Agencies is one of the biggest distributors of Panasonic in India. Fairdeal is more than half a decade old company and is managed by Lokesh Goyal at present.

    Despite being a daughter of the man who is a billionaire and is also a post graduate from Harvard University, Myra is very sensibly and discipline has been imbibed in her which she religiously follows.

    Lokesh has great hopes from Princess Myra and intends to send her to Harvard like him.