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  • Let’s just start using food as your natural medicine! Well, this concept is not something new and has been the only way of living a better and healthy life by so many people. During previous times, the famous Greek ancient physician Hippocrates used to prescribe garlic for treating so many kinds of medical conditions. Modern science has confirmed recently that most of these beneficial aspects are really true. You will be shocked to see so many health benefits revolving around garlic. Once you start going through the list of benefits, you will definitely start working more towards adding garlic in your diet plan that easily and smoothly.

    Garlics have compounds with potent medical properties:

    Garlic is noted as a plant in Allium or onion family. It is widely and even closely related to onions, leeks and shallots. Each part of the garlic bulb is called clove and there are around 10 to 20 of them in single bulb. Garlic happens to grow in multiple parts around the glove and is one of the popular ingredients in cooking, because of its stronger smell and amazing taste. Join kylecbd.com to learn more about some interesting facts surrounding garlic as the main component down here.

    • Throughout the science of ancient history, the primary use of garlic was for its medicinal and health properties and not quite used in cooking.
    • The uses of this product were well documented in so many major civilizations, like Babylonians, Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Chinese.
    • Scientists are now well-aware of the fact that most of the current health benefits are caused by the sulfur compounds as found whenever a garlic clove is crushed, chopped or chewed.
    • The famous of those has to be the allicin. But, this product is one unstable compound, which is present in a brief manner in fresh garlic after it has been crushed or cut.
    • There are some other compounds, which can play that pivotal role in the health benefits of garlic, which will include sallyl cysteine and diallyl disulfide.
    • The sulfur components from the garlic will enter your boy right from the present digestive tract, and will then travel all over body where it might exerts potent biological effects.

    Highly nutritious in nature but with very few calories:

    Garlic happens to be incredibly nutritious, which might prove to be shocking for the garlic haters out there. And the best part is that this item has much less calorie in it. So, consumption of garlic might prove to be a great choice over here.A detail in this regard might help you in the best way possible.

    • One ounce of garlic serving comprises of 23% of manganese, 17% of Vitamin B6, 15% of Vitamin C and 6% of selenium.
    • The same amount of garlic will have even more like fiber of 0.6grams and decent amounts of copper, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphors and even vitamin B1.
    • You will be amazed to know that there have been some traces of other nutrients as found out in this product. It comprises of little bit of everything you could have asked for.
    • This product comes handy with 42 calories, 1.8gm of protein and even 9 grams of carbs.

    Perfect for combating sickness like common cold:

    Garlic supplements are mostly used for boosting the simple functionality of the immune system. There has been a study which went for 12 weeks that found out that garlic supplement can help in reducing colds by around 63% when compared to placebo. The average length of the current cold symptoms was further reduced by around 70% from the use of garlic for the first 5 days only.

    There was another study on the same subject, where it was found out that high dose of the aged garlic can reduce number of days sick due to flu or cold by around 61%. But, there has been one review, which was concluded that the evidence is rather enough. In case, you want, you can work out on some more research in this field as well. It solely depends on you. So, adding garlic in your diet if you are suffering from cold will be a nice touch for sure.

    Active garlic compounds to help reduce blood pressure:

    Some of the cardiovascular diseases like strokes and heart attacks are supposed to be the biggest killers in the world. Hypertension or even high blood pressure is one major driver of such diseases. Some human studies have indicated that garlic supplements will have quite some impact on reducing the blood pressure in people suffering from high BP.

    • There has been a study, where around 600 to 1500 mg of aged garlic extract was used and proven to be as effective as Atenolol drug. It is used for reducing higher blood pressure over a period of 24 weeks.
    • It is true to state that the supplement doses need to be fairly high to have some of the much desired effects. The amount as needed over here is made equivalent to around four cloves of garlic on a daily basis.

    Perfect for improving cholesterol level to lower heart diseases:

    Garlic can always help in lowering total and even LDL cholesterol to the safest line. For those, who are suffering from high cholesterol, garlic supplements might appear to just reduce total or LDL cholesterol by around 10 to 15%.

    • Checking out at LDL and HDL cholesterol specifically, it can be stated that garlic appears to just lower LDL but without any effect on HDL. That means, only the bad cholesterol will be affected and not the good one.
    • Higher triglyceride levels are noted to be a common form of risk factor associated with heart diseases. But, then you have garlic, which seems to have no such effects on the triglyceride level.

    If you can keep cholesterol under check, chances are high that you will be winning over your heart and can maintain the healthy quotient of it. So, garlic is one promising addition to the patients’ diet, dealing with heart ailments, to say the least.

    Author Bio: Anthony Karen is a health expert who has been running many health seminars and public discussions. She also manages her blog and reviews the health-related details provided by authentic sources.