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  • Rahul Lokare from Flamingo Productions stuns everyone with his prowess and passion for photography and cinematography

    Published on March 11, 2023

    There is a reason, he is highly sought by celebrities from B-town and Television and has also been lauded for his impeccable efforts.

    There is this famous adage that everyone is quite aware of, which says, “Not all those who wander are lost.” Well, this has stood true for so many professionals and business owners out there, who hopped from one niche to the next in order to gain greater experiences and expertise and become a versatile professional. Wandering here also means that people travelled from one place to the other within the same niche to strengthen their skills and talents in the same. We couldn’t help but notice how top travel, fashion and celebrity photography, cinematographer, licensed drone pilot (RPAS) and fitness influencer Rahul Lokare rose high as one such multi-skilled professional in this artistic realm in India.

    Speaking more about his journey, Rahul Lokare says when he first got his smartphone in 11th grade, he had a 5MP camera and taking pictures from that was something he would love to do. Hence, he thought to do a photography course to learn more about it and sharpen his skills. After completing the course, he was determined to pursue it as his profession. However, since, at that point, photography wasn’t something that had seen a boom, he started working in the corporate world. But, gaining photography projects one after the other, he decided to follow his passion, and thus in 2013, he came up with his own business Flamingo Productions. Why Flamingo? Because as the bird Flamingo keeps travelling from one place to another from time to time, he thought he, too, had the same mindset of travelling and exploring every place in the world.

    Everything that he has done so far in his career did not happen overnight, and he too had to face several hurdles on his path, like camera equipment and lens being too expensive. Gradually, doing small projects, he bought a good camera and lens and later on went with the full kit. Currently, he owns 50 lakhs+ worth of camera gears and equipment.

    The Best Industry Celebrity Photographer (International Iconic Award 2021) of Flamingo Productions (@flamingo.productions) believes that his razor-sharp focus on his goals as a passionate photographer, cinematographer, drone pilot and fitness influencer has set him unique from the rest in the industry. Remaining aloof from controversies and only focusing on how he can give his best is what Rahul Lokare (@being_flamingo) is all about.

    Now, he wants to create a unique platform for budding photographers, cinematographers and drone pilots on a larger scale for them to gain the right exposure.

    Follow him on his socials now to know more –

    Instagram Personal – @being_flamingo

    Instagram Business – @flamingo.productions

    YouTube – Flamingo Productions


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