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  • Saturday, July, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:00:15
  • Located in the cozy corner of BKC, Taftoon restaurant & bar, is an unprecedented space in Mumbai that lets you time travel to a legacy steeped in history and geography and of stories exalted to folklore and re-told in the language of gastronomy, transcending boundaries. An ode to the flavors of the Grand Trunk Road, Asia’s oldest and most fascinating highway, presenting you a story untold right from the streams of Kabul and Peshawar in the West through the heart and hinterlands of northern India, to Kolkata in the East.

    Along with the delectable Indian cuisine served right onto your plate, Taftoon also has something up its sleeves when it comes to drinks. Not always easy to get your hands on a perfect glass of a simply delicious drink, Taftoon proudly introduces its new Sangria Trolley perfect for the summer, to beat the heat and indulge your tastebuds in a sensory experience like never before. Available on all Sundays of this month, this simple concoction of the freshest fruits and your favorite wine be it red, white or rose is sure to instantly conjure up images of happy picnics on a warm summer day, relieve you of all your worries, and set you in the right mood for those incoming Monday blues! Behind the bar concocting up the delicious Sangrias is our in-house female bartender Casilda Misquitta with 3 years of experience and a love for alcohol. Starting off as a banker, then moving to events & advertising she soon realized her true calling in mixing different flavors and spirits together to create unique cocktails.

    “Driven by the vision to bring new experiences to the table, we launched Taftoon Bar & Kitchen to give Mumbaikars the chance to sample unexplored dishes from the regions of Kabul through to Chittagong, also known as the Grand Trunk Road. and indulge in appetizing cocktails guilt-free” Pankaj Gupta, founder.


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