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  • Raising a toast for 2021 Pegasi Spirits unveils its premium range of Beer and Whisky

    Published on March 16, 2021

    New Delhi: With the vision to spread the mission of authentic and usage of finest of ingredients Pegasi Spirits one of the fastest growing liquor brand in India announced the newest additions in their repertoire Pegasi Lager (Beer) and Pegasi Emerald (Whisky), these premium range are being unveiled by Punjabi singing sensation Titliyan fame singer Afsana Khan at The Ocean Pearl, Gardenia, New Delhi.

    Taking the legacy of Indian crafts, blends and brews forward Pegasi conquered Goa, as a mark of its Legacy, Pegasi Spirits took up a sign on Goa’s Iconic Mandovi River to establish its mark on the city and the Liquor industry and to give Goa a piece of itself for being the first of many cities to house and love Pegasi. To honor this tradition, Pegasi vows to paint each city it hits into the iconic Green & Gold.

    “Our beer Pegasi Lager is extremely different from its other counterparts as it is brewed to perfection using Indian and Imported ingredients. In recent years the popularity of the beer has increased in India, It is considered as a drink for consumers who have acquired taste or are experimental. India has always been a land that appreciated the hard spirits with Pegasi Emerald, we are bringing Scottish legacy into Indian craft whiskey. It is a rare blend of imported scotch malts & Indian grain spirits crafted in & for India. A whiskey that tastes better than its counterparts in the market because it is meticulously crafted with the audience in mind. It’s priced lower than most premium brands to provide an upgrade that’s affordable. In Pegasi Emerald, you’ll find that rare flawless blend of the finest spirits. It’s a blend that spells perfection. Raise the bar, everyday with Pegasi Emerald. Said Mr. Neeraj Kukreja – Managing Director & CEO Pegasi

    “I am honoured to be a part of this launch of Pegasi’s new range; I congratulate Mr. Kukreja on his new venture. Last year gave a tough time to everyone around the world. Now it’s the time to leave all sorrows behind and raise the toast for positivity, success and celebration. It is in line with the Pegasi spirit of raising the bar, celebrating everyone that pushes boundaries, raising the bar for themselves and people around them.” Said Afsana Khan.

    Pegasi as a brand has grown a lot in terms of legacy of Indian crafts, blends and brews. In the winter of 2020, Pegasi spirits released its legacy series in Goa, Helles. Paying homage to the Pale Lager of Bavarian brews, Helles has been a great success so far. The aim is to honor the legacy of brews and blends from around the world, and bring them to the Indian market, crafting them for the Indian palate. Pegasi beer has been crafted specifically keeping in mind the absence of a beverage that fits into every situation life throws at you. Most beers are a celebration drink. Pegasi beers are a companion drink, finding something special in the mundane. Pegasi beers go well with anything, your celebrations and your lows, bringing you comfort wherever you are. The vision of the brand is to grow beyond the borders and be a global Legacy Alco-bev brand, the first of its kind.