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  • Rise in Pollution – Time to Buy Health Insurance

    Published on July 9, 2019

    Indian cities are ranked in some of the most polluted places in the world. The quality of air and water that we consume has gone down drastically. Though Delhi has been the global sensation when it comes to air pollution, other cities such as Chandigarh and Mumbai are not far either. Such fatal levels of pollutants in the air have given rise to many health complications. In 2016, about 2.5 million deaths were claimed to be because of health ailments caused due to environmental pollution. As health disorders get severe, health care costs also go up calling for a dire need to get health insurance. Here are a few reasons why you must get insured right away if you are staying in a high pollution zone.

    Accelerating pre-existing conditions

    If you have any pre-existing or inherent health disorders, then it is very likely that such conditions might worsen when the environmental conditions are detrimental to health. Check with insurers if they can cover you against your pre-existing diseases and get a cover that will not exclude any of your health risks.

    The hyperreactive immune system

    Our immune system is inherently designed to protect us against any harmful agents in the external environment. Hence, highly polluted conditions cause the immune system to become hyper-vigilant. Your immunity starts to function at its optimal rate creating a discrepancy in your body. Though the body’s natural fighter response is important for you to survive, sometimes it gives rise to newer health disorders. One of the most popular examples of the hyper-reactive immune system is asthma. Getting insured against such immunity disorders is incredibly important.

    Severe respiratory diseases

    It’s not an alien fact that air pollutions cause respiratory infections. With harmful particles present in the air, our respiratory tracts start getting damaged. For some people, this may result in grave disorders, causing a need for critical treatments. Don’t forget to check whether your policy covers all the major respiratory diseases caused due to air pollution while buying an insurance policy.

    Low life expectancy

    While health policy is incredibly important for those of you, who are living in a highly polluted environment, safeguarding your loved ones in your absence is also very crucial. Perennial pollution in our direct environment may lead to lifelong health hazards reducing the life expectancy dramatically. Hence, you must get insured to protect your loved ones in case of unforeseen events.

    Things to keep in mind before getting insurance

    Get OPD cover

    OPD cover is recommended for those who need frequent checkups and treatments. As high exposure to pollution may lead to more doctor visits, getting OPD cover will cover you for most of your checkups.

    Check the exclusions

    This is the cardinal rule that one must follow before buying insurance. Read your insurance documents thoroughly and check for all the exclusions in health insurance plan. Make sure that all the ailments you may be at risk of or the ones you are suffering are covered.

    The quality of the air around us is deteriorating every day. While there are several measures being taken by the government to curb the pollution, the foremost measure one must take is to protect themselves against such conditions. Don’t wait for the air quality to get better or don’t ignore minor symptoms of any diseases. Take adequate precautions and start your healthcare treatments before any irreversible damage occurs.