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  • RVCJ Ashwin Salunke’s Inspirational Journey from Working in Theatres to Producing Shows

    Published on October 26, 2021

    As per Oscar Wilde, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”. This quote is extremely suitable for Ashwin Salunke’s life. Despite being fated with atrocities, he never sacrificed his optimistic attitude for failure. Like everyone else, he started from the bottom of his career – from a rookie to becoming an expert in the digital space has not been a walk of roses and sunflowers.

    Ashwin Salunke is the Channel Head and Executive Producer at RVCJ Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. He is one of the main reasons behind RVCJ Media’s success. Initially, he worked in the Theatre, selling Tickets, Popcorn and Pepsi. He used to show movies via projectors and rose to fame from there. Under his creative guidance and technical mentorship, RVCJ Media has produced over 30 ad films and 200 YouTube videos, most of them possessing views in millions and are associated with reputed brands. In the year 2019, he with his team produced the ‘Wrong Number’ series that drew more than a million subscribers to the RVCJ Media YouTube channel. Moreover, people perpetually appreciate him for his promotional videos with celebrities created for famous movies such as ‘Harry Met Sejal’, ‘Guest in London’, ‘Shivay’, etc. With years of experience in the industry, his skills are finely polished as the diamonds; the end result is glittery and always attracts attention.

    Though Ashwin had struggling days in his past, he never let them get to him and built his career and success out of them. He says that the experiences and the people in his life are his inspiration for the fun and relatable content on the RVCJ Media YouTube channel. He stands as an inspiration to the upcoming artists as he is a living example of how to rise from your ashes. It is astounding how he has come a long way, from guiding people to their seats to them watching his creations and production. He advises them to take risks and experiment with their passion. Because even if they are to fail, they will not regret it as they are already at the bottom. You will have no way to go below that as the path leads you only up from there.

    Ashwin’s journey to success is a path of motivation. He achieved success with his hard work, determination, and countless sleepless nights. He turned his dreams into a reality with sheer passion.