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  • Sammy Akthar – Scaling towering heights across the online realm with Amazon

    Published on January 11, 2022

    Having built a solid base which revolves around Amazon sales, he has helped many businesses grow manifold.

    Is it possible to earn massive income through Amazon? Yes, says Sammy Akthar, who has learnt the tricks of the trade and is today helping many realize their entrepreneurial dreams by helping them gain a strong foothold around the Amazon selling space. He says that he started his journey as a novice knowing nothing about the workings of the business, yet he had big dreams to turn to reality and that prompted him to jump into the arena without learning much about the trade, which eventually backfired. He says, “I started off when I was in the 2nd year of my engineering as I had just lost my father in an accident and wanted to stand up on my own feet to fund my education as well as support my family comprising mother and sister.”

    The urge to do something of his own landed him on YouTube when one day searching for the right avenues to build a business, he came across a video representing Amazon FBA business model. With a meager 60,000 rupees in hand which his father had saved for his 4th semester fees, he set out to mark his entrepreneurial journey. He fell flat on his face in his first attempt as he had no knowledge or any experience about the field, and he incurred huge losses. He realized that half knowledge was lethal would completely damage his future prospects and after a few months came across the learnings by Grant Cardone, through his book titled ’10X rule’.

    That was the turning point of his career as he learnt a lot through his coaching which helped him gain immense knowledge on the workings of the Amazon sellers model, and within the next 6 months he was doing business from one lakh a month to one lakh a day, which was phenomenal. His first brand crossed over 5Cr+ in sales, boosting his confidence further to start a couple of more brands. Today, he along with his team help people start their own brands by using Amazon, Shopify and WooCommerce to create e-commerce brands, also managing Amazon accounts for sellers.

    Sammy says that there’s still a lot to achieve and this is just the beginning.