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  • Sarvesh Is Giving SEO Career Goals To Millennials Whiling Away Their Time On The Web

    Published on March 8, 2021

    “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”, Steve Jobs had once very famously said. Though it seems so simple, yet not many people are doing what they love or love what they do, except a few!

    Sarvesh Shrivastava is one of those who has put this mantra to practice! His short but esteemed career in SEO has shown the way to Millennials how one uses SEO to create a thriving career in Digital marketing.

    Sarvesh needs no introduction if you have been following the latest happenings in the field of Digital Marketing. Starting from a very young age of 16, Sarvesh has been able to achieve numerous feats with SEO be it achieving five-figure dollars revenue per month or flipping multiple sites for huge profits, giving career goals to millennials whiling away their time on the Web.

    In an interview, Sarvesh spilled beans on how one can create a successful career in SEO. “One of the main misconceptions youngsters have is that they need the knowledge of programming to do SEO, which is not true. Although coding knowledge comes in handy at times, it is certainly not a necessity to get started in SEO.”, said Sarvesh.

    Sarvesh lives his life by this quote from Richard Branson, “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over.”. He emphasized it is very important to learn by actually implementing SEO strategies on your blog. “I have seen several instances where people just focus on learning only and get in the analysis-paralysis loop. It’s super important to get started and implement our learnings”, added Sarvesh.

    According to Sarvesh, building backlinks is a very important part of SEO and hence it’s important to master Guest post outreach skills as early as possible. There are tons of free resources on YouTube as well as on different blogs that could guide a fresher. 

    “With the current rise in unemployment, it’s an absolute necessity to master a skill that you could pursue as a career. Our PM Narendra Modi Ji also emphasizes a lot on Atma Nirbhar Bharat, and what better way to be self-reliant than to be your own boss with SEO! “, Sarvesh said excitedly. 

    With the majority of businesses, either small or large, moving to a digital-based solution, SEO skills are becoming much more necessary than ever. All the major companies these days have a dedicated SEO department. This only makes mastering SEO even more fruitful for youngsters. 

    Sarvesh Shrivastava frequently shares his journey updates on SarveshShrivastava.com where one can learn what’s going on currently with the SEO world. 

    Entrepreneurs like Sarvesh are not only showing the way to the future generation but they are also the carrier of change from an offline world to an Online world.