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  • Sexual Harassment Happens Across Industries, Points Out Richa Chadda

    Published on August 30, 2018

    The #MeToo movement rightfully raised a furore around prevalent sexual harassment in Hollywood and opened up doors for conversations and discussions closer home.  Woke actress Richa Chadda took to speaking her heart out across mediums pertaining to the grave matter that requires undivided attention. In a candid conversation on MissMalini’s web show ‘The Girl Tribe’, she spoke about sexual harassment being omnipresent and other matters close to her heart.

    Speaking about how sexual harassment isn’t limited to the Indian film industry, Richa said, “The industry is not insulated from the society. The rules and the problems we have in the society are the same ones, we face in the industry. Whether it’s classicism, elitism or sexism; imagine that in a slightly more refined, or not, scenario inside the film industry. She added, “I think the right word to use would be impunity, because they think they can get away with it.”

    Talking about how the situation is similar to any girl facing harassment in a public transport or for getting a promotion and other scenarios, Richa shared, “It’s not like it is only happening in the film industry. It is a problem in hospitality, in medicine, in education, in bureaucracy. It is very easy to blame an industry.”

    To hear the popular actress talk about the dark underbelly of Bollywood, watch the new episode of ‘The Girl Tribe’ only on MissMalini’s YouTube and Facebook page.