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  • Short video app VMate launches #21DaysChallenge to ensure people stay busy at homes during lockdown

    Published on April 3, 2020

    Despite a strict countrywide lockdown enforced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government, the authorities have been struggling to stop people from venturing out of their homes. While some people are moving out only in cases of exigencies, there are many who are doing so out of boredom, triggered by prolonged stays at home. To help such people cope with the situation, short video platform VMate, which is among the top most downloaded social media apps globally, has launched an interesting and innovative #21DaysChallenge, which would aid people in remaining busy while staying at their homes.


    As part of the drive, a fresh challenge would be given to the users each day throughout the lockdown period. The users need to create videos on the same and share it on the platform. For instance, on Day 1 the users were asked to create interesting videos using coronavirus-related stickers on the app, and the next day, they were asked to perform a trick wherein they had to pull a piece of cloth from underneath a house made of playing cards, glasses etc. Taking it a notch further, the users were asked to film themselves while drinking water from a glass without using their hands. The creators will be asked to undertake various similar challenges everyday till April 14.


    What’s even more interesting is that under each challenge, users are offered rewards in the form of money. VMate has also created an in-app H5 page where the best videos from creators are featured. The page also has a ranking of top users whose videos clocked the maximum response on the platform.


    The message behind the #21DaysChallenge is loud and clear – helping people make the most of the ample free time at their disposal. The response by the users further suggests that we must refrain from sulking and complaining, and instead, utilize the lockdown period by adhering to social distancing and engaging ourselves in creative activities.


    VMate has emerged as a responsible and outstanding platform since the outbreak of the pandemic. Recently, several doctors and medical professionals converged on the short video app to spread awareness and provide authentic information related to Covid-19 among the users. In addition to this, users from interior parts of the country also took to the platform to showcase how rural India was waging a war against the dreaded virus. Videos shared on the app showed how authorities were disseminating information/government orders through unconventional means like loudspeakers on bicycles and autorickshaws.


    While those in urban areas are relishing on streaming services like Netflix, people in smaller towns and rural belts seem to have found a good companion in the trending short video app, which is often referred to as ‘Rural India’s TikTok’.