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  • Shriram Bioseed Genetics launches Hybrid Tomato “RAKSHA”.

    Published on June 26, 2019

    Mydukur : Shriram Bioseed Genetics, a unit of DCM Shriram Ltd – one of India’s leading conglomerates, today announced the launch of a new generation high yielding variety HYBRID TOMATO RAKSHA in Sri Venkateswara Function hall at Mydukur in Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh state where leading distributors, dealers, Nursery growers and farmers were attended.

    Bioseed Raksha was developed by Shriram Bioseed Genetics Bioseed Research & Development department based in Hyderabad. Shriram Bioseed Genetics has already launched excellent products in square round segment (Bioseed 2182 & 2071) in Tomato in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh & Gujarat last year where the product is in high demand.

    Bioseed research is actively working with new technology especially in crops like Tomato, Okra and Hot Pepper where farmers will benefit with high yield by products like Bioseed Raksha. The product characteristics include high virus tolerance, excellent fruit colour, and uniformity & size retention capacity even in high temperatures – which are imperative requirements for Tomato growers.

    During the year 2018-19, Shriram Bioseed Genetics conducted large scale trials of Tomato Bioseed Raksha in Kadapa district nearby Proddatur and Mydukur in Andhra Pradesh state which has high potential for Tomato Cultivation Farmers who used the product during the trials also shared their success stories with Bioseed Raksha with the participants during the launch event. A few farmers who have used Bioseed Raksha for trial in their fields compared the output vis a vis that generated by another leading hybrid seed. They expressed that they received better yield and price in the market from the product by Shriram Bioseed Genetics’ Bioseed Raksha. They claimed that this was due to high disease tolerance, fruit firmness and uniform tomato size till 14-15 harvesting. The farmers also shared that they were extremely happy with the output generated by Bioseed Raksha.

    Those farmers are explained to participants the main characters & agronomy to be adopted for Bioseed Raksha, usage of fertilisers, nutrition and pest management to reap more profits from Bioseed Raksha. The unique selling points of the productBioseed Raksha are:

    1. Bioseed Rakshagives high profits with high yield to farmers because this hybrid has potential to provide more number of harvestings than other hybrids.
    2. Bioseed Rakshahas more fruit weight and produces more number of fruits per plant which automatically gives higher yield and more profit to farmers.
    3. Bioseed Rakshahas good rejuvenation habit so if farmer maintains the crop properly, it will continue for long period and the farmer can get more money with less investment.