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  • SIGMA Introduces the New 50mm F1.2 DG DN Lens: Pushing Boundaries in Photographic Excellence

    Published on March 31, 2024

    SIGMA is proud to announce the launch of its latest addition to the esteemed Art line, the SIGMA 50mm F1.2 DG DN lens. This innovative lens is designed to go beyond traditional boundaries and provides unmatched performance, changing the game for photographers looking to improve their work. This new lens is compatible with both L-Mount and Sony E-mount cameras, and offers unmatched versatility, making it a must-have addition to any photographer’s toolkit.

    With its remarkable F1.2 maximum aperture, the SIGMA 50mm lens has unparalleled descriptive power, enabling photographers to take obvious photos even in low light. With the help of this incredible tool, artists may easily achieve astounding outcomes by pushing the boundaries of their artistic expression.

    The SIGMA 50mm F1.2 DG DN lens stands out as the lightest lens body. Its amazing design can be used for a broad variety of photography applications without sacrificing durability or performance.

    Designed with the needs of professionals in mind, the SIGMA 50mm F1.2 DG DN lens is equipped with a wealth of features to enhance usability and functionality. From its robust build quality to its intuitive controls, every aspect of this lens is crafted to meet the demands of professional photographers, ensuring reliability and performance in any shooting scenario.

    Included with the lens are essential accessories, including a case, lens hood (LH782-03), front cap (LCF-72mm III), and rear cap (LCR II), providing added convenience and protection for your investment.


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