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  • Sirona urges citizens of India to change their perspective for #DaughterIndia, pledge for its bright future

    Published on September 27, 2022

    Indian FemTech brand takes the next step towards changing the perspective for our country, encouraging citizens to commit to actions via national and regional dailies, social media and by engaging the future leaders of the country – children in schools and colleges.

    New Delhi: Sirona, a leading FemTech brand in India that offers innovative period, intimate and toilet hygiene products and India’s 1st WhatsApp Period Tracker takes the next step towards changing the perspective to Daughter India for our country on the occasion of Daughters’ Day.

    On this special occasion of celebrating our daughters, the brand requests the citizens of the country to use the phrase ‘Daughter India’ in their conversations instead of referring to the country as Mother India.

    The thought is that we call the nation our mother, and in doing so, we perpetuate the idea that the country must look after us while neglecting our own responsibility to look after our own country. Perhaps now is the time for us to think of the nation as our daughter to ensure that she receives the care and attention that we would give to our own daughters.

    However, just saying ‘Daughter India’ will not solve the problem. We need a wave of change that lets us see the nation from this new perspective and for that, each one of us must also pledge and work towards it. Through national and regional dailies and social media, Sirona urges the citizens to commit to at least one of the actions below and positively impact the future of India and its daughters.

    1. Sponsor the education of one disadvantaged child
    2. Support small businesses
    3. Teach children about consent
    4. Discourage discrimination
    5. Report violence against our daughters
    6. Call out casual sexism
    7. Put an end to period shaming
    8. Teach daughters to become financially savvy
    9. Make your neighbourhood safe for daughters
    10. Be more inclusive while hiring
    11. Vote for leaders who will create a better India for our daughters
    12. Sponsor menstrual hygiene products for an underprivileged child for a year.

    To bring about a change of this kind it’s important to involve the future leaders of the country – the children. To do so, Sirona has announced a contest for children in schools and colleges to share their vision for Daughter India in any art form – drawing, dance, music etc. More details about this initiative and the contest is available on the Daughter India microsite.

    The contest is open till 15th November. Winners get cash prizes and Sirona vouchers.

    Speaking on the opportunity, Anika Wadhera, Head of Marketing at Sirona said, “We have always grown up seeing India as our mother, but it is now time we change our perspective towards her and also do something about it to make it a reality. While Sirona is doing its bit by helping improve menstrual hygiene conditions for underprivileged menstruators, it’s time we come together collectively as a nation and take actions that will make the future of both India and its daughters bright.

    Parixit Bhattacharya, Managing Partner – Creative, TBWA India says,”We launched the #DaughterIndia platform on our 75th Independence Day to offer a new lens to view our country through. On Daughters’ Day we widened the aperture of the idea by offering a new chant for people by coining ‘Bharat Beti Ki Jai.’

    It has been received tremendously well by people if early reactions are anything to go by. We would love for our leaders to use this chant. We also hope with the help of the 12 actions outlined by us, we see more and more people taking measurable steps towards caring for the country like their daughter.​”

    We truly believe that only the citizens of India have the power to create a new reality for the country and its daughters. It’s time we start working towards it.

    Since 2015 Sirona has led innovative menstrual hygiene initiatives that erase period taboos and impact the futures of both, the daughters of India and our Daughter India.


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