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  • Friday, December, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:56:47
  •  Bengaluru: Smarterhomes Technologies, a smart water metering technology company that offers IoT-based water metering solutions for high-rise residential communities, has launched operations in Kochi, Mumbai, and Pune. This strategic expansion aligns with the company’s robust efforts to strengthen its presence in key Indian cities.

    Kochi, Mumbai, and Pune, like many urban areas in India, have been grappling with a water shortage crisis. Rapid urbanization, increasing population, irregular rainfall patterns, decreasing groundwater levels, and inefficient water management are some of the reasons behind this. Residents in these cities often experience water scarcity, especially during summer, resulting in irregular water supply which, in turn, leads to increased dependence on water tankers. There is a definitive need for smart water metering solutions in these regions and it is evident from the significant number of inquiries SmarterHomes has received from residents and communities from these regions. SmarterHomes is a solution to a real world problem of lack of water metering in apartment buildings. Their IoT-based water metering solution ‘WaterOn’ is ‘uniquely designed to curtail water wastage and encourage responsible water consumption.

    Founded in 2014, Smarterhomes is a building water management company that has designed ‘WaterOn’, an IoT-based water meter that precisely measures water consumption in real-time. WaterOn addresses two pivotal aspects of water management in residential communities. Firstly, it empowers individual households to monitor their water usage in real-time, thereby promoting responsible water consumption and reducing wastage. Secondly, it ensures that users are billed only for the exact amount of water consumed, bringing in fairness in billing practices.

    Jitender Thirwani, COO, Smarterhomes “Over the last several years, we have focused our efforts in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. We are now excited to launch our operations in Kochi, Mumbai, and Pune, and we have seen an influx of enquiries from each of these cities. Our product, ‘WaterOn,’ has shown significant impact in reducing overall water consumption by up to 35% in water-stressed urban areas. We firmly believe that our product can achieve a similar impact in all the new cities we are launching in. This expansion is a key strategic initiative for the company, and we are pleased to have received positive responses from all these regions.”

    WaterOn is a fully automated and intelligent water meter that works on the latest ultrasonic technology and is designed to ensure high accuracy and reliability. It offers the following

    ●       Monitor Water Consumption: Track water consumption data for each individual apartment.

    ●       Detect Leaks: Promptly identify and address water leaks to prevent water wastage.

    ●       Insightful Analytics: Access comprehensive analytics providing insights into inlet-wise consumption for each apartment.

    ●       Water Billing: Generate fair water bills based on actual usage with payment options available through the app.


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