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  • SpacePepper Studios Plans Your Way to Success with Corporate Video Production

    Published on September 30, 2020

    SpacePepper Studios are an ideal partner for any business that is trying to reach out to its audiences through its corporate videos. This is because they understand how important it can be for the company. Videos form a key component of the marketing plan for most businesses as they appeal to the audiences and deliver the message entertainingly and creatively. They help in improving consumer engagement and hence the growth in business.

    For a video to be successful, it has to be original, creative, easy to understand and relevant for the target audience. When working with SpacePepper Studios for corporate video production, you can be assured that all these requirements will be taken care of the features of the production house that qualify for the job are:


    The team aims to get a good understanding of the client’s business, their message and their target audience to make sure that the product they deliver meets the key requirement of delivering the message correctly to the consumers. To make this possible, they spend time with the client and clarify all their doubts by asking questions relevant to the production. They also conduct brainstorming sessions to discuss ideas for the production and arrive at a decision with a consensus of all members.


    When signing up for a project, they join the client as a partner because they aim to work with the client and not for them. They treat every project as their own and give it their best. Having gained a complete understanding of the client’s perspective, they also do the same for the audience by thinking from their point of view. A clear perception of the audience and their response allows them to work on appropriate creative ideas. They discuss all ideas with the clients and then proceed to the next stage.


    They constantly keep in touch with the client and make time to answer all their queries. They also believe in keeping the clients updated with the progress as well as any impediments for the same. They welcome all the inputs from the client and try to incorporate them in their work, where viable. If at any point, they feel that the suggestion could hurt the quality of the work, they decline it with a proper explanation.


    The crew at SpacePepper Studios take their work very seriously and try to give their best. When they take on a project, they consider it their responsibility to deliver a high-quality product. A lot of effort is put in to ensure that their video fits all the requirements of the client. To keep their progress on track, they keep the clients involved at every stage and accept and incorporate their feedback to improve their product. They do not accept mediocrity in their work.


    The studios are well equipped with all the necessary infrastructure and staff required to create a high-quality video. Depending on the production needs, the client can make use of their white/green cyclorama studio or the expansive obstruction-free open space for their shoot. The shoot is carried out using sophisticated equipment and the latest technology available. There is also the facility of creating and recording music in-house using the jam pad and the recording studio fitted with the latest equipment. They even have a reserved area to facilitate the styling needs and a green room for the crew to prepare themselves for the shoot.

    Comprehensive Service

    All stages of creating the video can be carried out under one roof at SpacePepper Studios. All stages of pre-production, shoot and post-production are taken care in-house. The project, as visualised by the client, is realised in these studios by the creative team members. The production is complete when the shoot has been integrated with visuals, music, sound bites and audio effects.


    Being innovative is the core strength of the team and is utilised at every stage of the production process. This allows them to come up with creative ideas that give rise to a unique concept and treatment for every video. The innovation can be seen in all elements of a production as well as in the final integration. Their work can claim to be refined, crisp and outstanding.

    A good corporate video can be a turning point for a business and its marketing plans. It can be responsible for bringing in new business by creating awareness among its consumers and helping them engage with the brand. This is what can lead a business towards a successful journey. Hence, if you want a video that can do this and more for your business, you can get in touch with SpacePepper Studios and embark on the journey to success.