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  • Winter is the season of snow-capped mountain peaks, Christmas lights and comfort food. Among several fun activities, skiing, snow-ball fights and dog sledding are only available in winters. Just like summer trips, you need to have proper attire to fully enjoy your winter wonderland. If it’s fun you’re looking for, it can be found at this live casino as well.

    Winter trips are exquisite and form memories of a lifetime. People of all ages love to sit down in quaint cafes and sit hot cocoa while they get enchanted by the mystery of winter evening. If you’re planning a winter trip for you or your family in the near future abroad, this article is for you. Listed below are the top 5 winter travel destinations that we’ve shortlisted to make sure the trip is worth the travel.

    1.   Amsterdam, Netherlands

    With an average temperature of 3.4℃ in the winters, this city of Netherlands is a winter-lover’s paradise. The coldest months are December, January and February and it is these winter months during which Amsterdam boasts its magical Light Festival. Scattered all over the city are wholesome winter markets that let you explore its culture and cuisine.

    Taking a long walk along one of its canals is the best way to enjoy a coffee in the evening. Amsterdam’s Christmas Exhibition Museum will bring out the giddy child in the toughest of adults and its Cheese Museum let’s visitors enjoy wine and cheese tastings that warm up their insides.

    2.   Prague, Czech Republic

    Prague has some of the chillest winters, from the months of December to February. With cheaper flights during this time, Prague allows travelers to explore its treasures at a budget. Around Christmas is the best time to visit because of the twinkling lights that decorate Prague’s charming markets.

    Prague showcases the magnificent Prague Castle which is a sight to behold with the backdrop of snow. The Masopust Carnival that happens during January gives visitors access to the most entertaining event of Prague, which includes dance, music and delicious food. This place is full of skating rinks and ice-skating enthusiasts will find it incredibly easy to do that here.

    3.   Alaska

    For almost half of the year, Alaska is covered with blankets of snow which makes its beautiful landscape even more stunning. During the winters, the Alaskan oceans and mountains are used to hold mega sports events that attract tourists from all over the world. During Christmas holidays, the streets and trees are adorned with lights and ornaments that enhance its beauty.

    A unique type of skiing, snowshoeing, is rarely available in any other part of the world but it is rather common in Alaska. Anyone looking for a new unforgettable experience definitely has to try this out. Ice climbing, Ice skating, snowboarding and numerous other winter sports are also available for the tourists in Alaska. Apart from its natural beauty, the opportunities it allows for tourists who are into adventure and sports are endless and make it a popular winter destination.

    4.   Harbin City, China

    One of the most visited places in the winters, Harbin city is truly splendid in the month of January, when the temperature falls to as low as 22℃. The city remains covered under snow for more than half a year, and children can be seen building snowmen and having snowball fights all around. Tourists can enjoy winter swimming and eat delicious popsicles while they explore the riverside of the Harbin Songhua River.

    Harbin snow festivals attract national and international tourists to participate or spectate these sports events. The management of these events decorates the city with ice lanterns, which is a sight that becomes a core memory easily to anyone witnessing it.

    The entire city is packed with food stalls, offering a diverse range of food options. The city is an ideal combo for foodies to have a worthwhile traveling experience with new things to look up to and have amazing food too.

    5.   Sweden

    The best month to experience winter life in Sweden is February when the weather is below 20℃. You will hardly see any sunlight during the winters in Sweden, instead you’ll see plenty of reindeer running around the snow-covered landscape. The most popular part of a trip to Sweden is being able to chase the Northern Lights and camp underneath them as they open visitors up to an otherworldly experience.

    Ice hotels are the most fascinating thing about the winters in Sweden. The hotel melts in the summers of every year and has to to be rebuilt for the winters, which is why this is something people can only have the pleasure of experiencing in the winter season.

    Snowmobiling, dog sledding, mountain sightseeing and several other fun winter activities are all available in Sweden. The best time to go to Sweden is Christmas and New Year’s, because there’s no better way to celebrate Christmas than to do it in a place that looks like it came straight out of a Christmas Carol.


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