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  • Taking over the world of entrepreneurship and philanthropy, make way for Richard Maize

    Published on February 6, 2022

    He is today a renowned real estate investor, entrepreneur, known name on social media, and a humanitarian.

    The way a few industries and sectors around the world have developed and grown over the years prove the relentless drive, endless hard work, and determination of a few committed souls who chose to go under the grind and work passionately to ultimately emerge as true winners in their respective industries. This is what led most of them to become a known name across the world, which has helped them build a solid career for themselves as self-made success stories. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such astute business mind named Richard Maize, who has gone all out in making it huge in the world of entrepreneurship as well as philanthropy.

    Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, the US, the determined man always knew he was made for something big and great in life, but little did he know then that after completing his MBA at California State University, life would present him with umpteen number of opportunities and guide him into the world of entrepreneurship. After all these years, gaining immense experience, Richard Maize is known as one of the top real estate investors and entrepreneurs for a reason. His astute business sense, shrewd approaches in business, and intelligence took him towards becoming a leader of sorts in the industry. Even at 68 years today, he is known as a man of power and influence.

    He was the one who received the Mortgage Originators Top Ten National Producers Award for his incredible work for his mortgage banking company, and even before 30, he had accumulated 1,000 apartment units. Today, he owns property in 20 states.

    However, it is also his philanthropy work that has gained him tremendous recognition and respect across the US. Along with his wife, he operates and runs the Rochelle and Richard Maize Foundation as principal officers and has made their contributions to different causes and initiatives thus far like social welfare, development and education, arts and culture, family services, and much more. 

    Richard Maize is known for his outstanding work in the business realm, where he also works as a partner in a distressed asset venture, is an investor in a local food truck business, and is also a partner in an online PR company, apart from being an investor in many other growing firms.

    Do know more about this multi-million dollar empire’s owner through his website, https://richardmaize.com/.


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