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  • Monday, January, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:59:04
  • Political leaders lack general enthusiasm these days, they are not as good as they used to be since the beginning of time.

    Basically, India has been a major political breeding ground for a very long time now, beginning with very influential people who have helped us to gain independence, they have always shown their true qualities with the help of their good skills and leadership qualities. However, there is something that recent political leaders lack and it is the leadership quality, they do not usually focus on the needs of the people but rather focus on what will get them votes instead. However, Anil Jain is different and somebody entirely unique, his entire focus point is on the general needs of the people and to satisfy them in every particular aspect.

    Anil Jain, keeping in mind his true mentor Shri Narendra Modi, keeps moving forward. He is a representation of the common man, and how he is going to help them all out in difficult times of need.

    According to him, a politician is not just meant to receive the votes of people, rise up to a position of power and then abandon everyone at once never turning to look back at them and only caring when the elections come. He believes in complete transparency, never contributing to corrupt activities and only promoting matters of constitutional value like Brotherhood, secularism and equality on all religious grounds. After all, it is for the people and from the people, if he does not think about the interests of common people, then who is going to?

    To date, Anil Jain has certainly achieved a lot and 10 years of his hard work in the political background has indeed paid off. Firstly, he is the advisory member of the railway ministry, actively participating in decision-making almost regularly. Being the state president of national Gau Seva Sangh was also prestigious, besides being the national member of BJP Kisan Morcha.

    He has always been in support of his political party BJP because of their policies and positive values. If there is anything that public service has taught him, it is that there is great joy in serving the people who look up to you and expect all kinds of help from you. Coming from a rich educational background of LLB and BA, he certainly knows more than enough to rule as a politician. Hopefully, his skills and talents pay off and he can finally become the chief minister of Rajasthan, as planned and dreamt.

    Authored by Shivam Bangwal