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  • The Lawrence School, Sanawar Concludes Round Square Conference with Inspiring Closing Ceremony

    Published on June 10, 2023

      The Round Square Conference of The Lawrence School, Sanawar, reached its grand finale on June 8th, marked by an uplifting Closing Ceremony. Presided over by Mr. Samarth Pathak, Communications and Advocacy Lead (South Asia) and Regional Focal Point (Education and Youth) UNODC, the event welcomed esteemed guests, Major Sanjeev Sharma (Retd.), President Old Sanawarian Society, and Major General Kulpreet Singh (Retd.). The Chief Guest, Mr. Samarth Pathak, unveiled the Conference Statement, emphasizing sustainable happiness and environmental preservation. He urged the youth to embrace mindfulness and become true custodians of the planet. The Ceremony concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks by the Headmaster, Mr. Himmat Singh Dhillon.

    Reflecting on the second day of the conference, attendees were treated to a diverse range of engaging activities and thought-provoking sessions. The day commenced with early morning activities such as yoga, bird-watching, and mindfulness, promoting holistic well-being among the participants. The Flag Ceremony, held at the School Chapel, symbolized the unity of 27 schools from across the nation and cultures, uniting young leaders to shape a better world. The Western Choir delighted the audience with soul-stirring renditions of “Count Your Blessings,” “Que Sera Sera,” and “Jamaica Farewell.” Mr. Himmat Singh Dhillon, the Headmaster, took the opportunity to express gratitude to Mrs. Rajbir Sandhu and other distinguished guests, presenting them with tokens of appreciation from the school.

    The highlight of the day was the captivating keynote address delivered by Mr. Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-Founder of Wildlife SOS. Mr. Satyanarayan shared poignant stories of his organization’s efforts in wildlife conservation, shedding light on the inhumane practices inflicted upon sloth bears and elephants. His powerful presentation evoked empathy and sparked a wave of awareness among the audience, leaving an indelible impression. The first baraza session that followed allowed delegates to discuss the message conveyed by Mr. Satyanarayan, exploring the interconnectedness of sustainable happiness, conservation, and the rehabilitation of captured animals.

    Additionally, teachers gathered for a Rikka session, where they engaged in discussions on their role as educators in shaping young minds and fostering a sense of responsibility towards sustainable development. Service activities, including tree plantation and pine needle collection, further reinforced the conference’s environmental ideals. The delegates actively contributed to combat deforestation, reduce carbon dioxide levels, and mitigate climate change, while also learning valuable leadership skills.

    Mr. Himmat Singh Dhillon, the Headmaster of The Lawrence School, Sanawar, expressed his gratitude to all the attendees, participants, and volunteers who contributed to the resounding success of the conference. He remarked”The Round Square Conference has been an exceptional journey of learning, collaboration, and inspiration. It has empowered our young leaders to recognize the urgency of sustainable happiness and environmental preservation. As they depart from Sanawar, I am confident that they will carry the torch of responsibility, becoming true custodians of the planet. I express my sincere gratitude to all the participants, distinguished guests, and organizers who made this conference a resounding success.”

    The Lawrence School, Sanawar’s Round Square Conference concluded with a renewed sense of responsibility and commitment among the participants to preserve the planet and create a sustainable future. The school remains dedicated to its mission of providing holistic education and fostering ethical leadership among its students.


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