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  • The Rise of Calvin Garwood – From Semi-pro Footballer to a Dynamic Entrepreneur

    Published on March 23, 2022

    Calvin began kicking the ball around when he was just seven years old. This came as no surprise to anyone, given that he looked up to his older cousin and whatever he would get into so would Calvin.

    However, when he watched the famous Manchester United 1999 treble triumph. The euphoria and excitement of the champions league final more specifically. The dramatic equaliser and then winner made Calvin truly full in love with the game. “It was at that age I fell in love with the game and dreamed of doing it for a living in the future,” he said.
    His mother then helped him to get signed to a local team helping him to develop as a player. At the age of 17 Calvin went onto sign for a semi professional football team.

    What agonized Calvin was he started to really think about even with a life from football he may be able to help himself but how many people could he really impact. He really started to think about developing other sources and becoming more financially literate because he was not getting that from football. At the age of 20, Calvin was abroad playing football in the states and was approached with a business opportunity through someone who contacted him over Facebook. Once he came back to the UK he saw the opportunity and kicked off his business in Network Marketing with Organo Gold.

    By 25, he was earning lucratively, and it was apparent that his stint with network marketing had come to an end. At 28, he established his own company, Fine Bwoi Incorporated. He soon went onto meet Michael Agyei during the pandemic, his mentor and business partner, continues to be his confidante and mascot, guiding him while he made his first six figures and later on to go on and become a millionaire.

    Calvin noticed a huge market void the financial illiteracy of professional athletes. That’s true – as a lot of athletes aren’t accumulating any passive income. Fortunately for the athletes who have joined Calvin’s team, if they decide to team up with him today, they will develop multiple streams of income outside of their current career in sport. With the passive income they’ve amassed, they’ll be able to maintain their prosperity.
    With many turns and twists, Calvin now has a proud track record of working with athletes who are passionate for the game and are unable to sustain financially.

    ‘We are a family, and I’m grateful for everything. I wanted to add value where athletes can have multiple streams and even after their career is over be able to maintain or even increase their lifestyle creating generational wealth. It’s both challenging and enjoyable. The idea is while they sharpen up their skills and get ready for the season, they know they have multiple streams so when their career comes to an end their income does not . It’s brilliant, definitely getting me excited for the future’, says Calvin


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