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  • Few items in a home have the decorative ability to unify a space as readily as a rug. A rug can add an unmatched element of interest and intrigue, whether it serves as the design inspiration for the room or as a finishing touch. Finding the ideal rug, however, comes with some restrictions and difficulties. You must consider several things, including size, material, style, and make. The fact that there are so many possibilities doesn’t help the process any.

    For instance: If you buy one that’s too small, you run the risk of immediately undermining all the work you initially put into planning the room. The rug may engulf the room and obscure the existing furnishings if the rug is huge. The secret is to find that sweet spot in the middle. We have prepared a comprehensive guide to assist you in getting started by providing all the answers to your burning questions about selecting the perfect item for your needs and sense of style.

    What to Think About Before Purchasing a Rug

    It’s crucial first to determine the space the rug will be in and the function it will do. For example, is it a statement item to tie the aesthetic together or a practical element to stop slips in busy areas? Next, the rug’s size and shape, materials and style, care and cleaning, and quality should all be considered. More details on each of these are provided below.

    1. Size and Shape

    Choosing rugs that are the right size for a particular room is crucial. First, you must determine the size of the rug you want to place in the room so that it appears to be in proportion with the rest of the decor. SPACES offers a living room and bedroom rugs in small, medium, big, and normal sizes.

    2. Materials and Style

    The description of a rug’s aesthetic attributes can be broken down into a seemingly endless number of categories. But more often than not, a piece’s style is determined by the material it is composed of. Therefore, your lifestyle and the rug’s place are essential when choosing the right material for your home. Some common materials include Wool, Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, and Jute.

    3. Cleaning and Care

    You should consider care and upkeep before you buy because it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually find yourself with a dirty rug. For rugs to endure longer, good maintenance and regular cleaning are required. For example, you can vacuum them once a week, take care to clear up spills and stains straight away, and have it professionally deep cleaned once a year.

    4. The Rug’s Quality

    The rugs are detailed with a lot of time, labor, and effort. You can assess a rug’s quality by looking at its distinct lines and precise patterns. The quality of the rug improves with increased pattern detail. Additionally, the number of knots per square inch (KPSI) affects the pattern’s density, robustness, and clarity. Fewer knots result in a looser weave, which makes the rug less resilient to high foot use and more susceptible to obvious damage.

    These factors should be on the top of your list when researching for a rug online. The brand you choose should also play a part in your choice. For Example, Rugs from brands such as SPACES are all about elegance and quality. Their products strike the ideal balance between innovation and aesthetics, catering to various personal preferences and tastes. The rugs they created uphold the highest quality standards while considering current trends and color schemes.

    Types of Rugs

    Runner Rugs

    A runner rug is ideal if you want long-lasting, high-quality carpeting for your foyer. Runner rugs come in various sizes and colors and are frequently produced with higher-grade materials. For your front entryway, runner rugs are fantastic.

    Bathroom Rugs

    An excellent accent to your home is a bathroom rug. Because of their durability, these rugs are meant to withstand daily use in your bathroom.

    Bedside Runners

    Rectangular rugs at the foot of the bed are called bedroom rugs or bedside runners. It is often the same length as the bed and is provided so you can exit the bed with a smooth landing.


    A doormat is typically put outside the front entrance so visitors can clean their shoes before entering the residence. The doormat must match the size of the door and have the ideal thickness.

    Outdoor Rugs

    While many would assume that rugs belong inside the house, there is a lot of scope to spruce up the floors of your balcony, terrace, or porch. Some of the most popular outdoor mats are grass mats, which are a kind of faux decoration. These mimic the look and feel of grass and are very durable.

    Yoga Mats

    Yoga mats are necessary for doing yoga because they keep you safe when your muscles are stretched and strengthened. Finding the right yoga mat for you is crucial because they are available in various shapes, sizes, and styles.

    You may browse a selection of yoga mats on the SPACES website to start your wellness journey. Additionally, you will find all the other types of rugs on their website in top-notch quality and eye-catching designs. They also offer grass mats that can give a very outdoorsy aesthetic to the area where they are placed.

    Wrapping Up – Why Do You Require Rugs?

    If you are still wondering why you might need to cover up your beautiful (or maybe not so beautiful) house floor with a rug, then you must know that rugs are used for more than just decoration. They also safeguard your flooring from damage caused by heavy furniture and dust brought in by your or your guests’ footwear. Furthermore, rugs offer warmth and elegance to a room, especially if they are made of natural fibers like wool, which regulate temperature well.

    Brands like SPACES, as mentioned, offer a variety of styles and can help you accent your home with the perfect rug. No need to contemplate further. Just visit their website today!


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