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  • Things to Watch Out for in Race 3 and Avoid in Real Life.

    Published on July 6, 2018

    There are cult movies, good movies, and bad movies and then there are movies that are so bad they’re good that inspires audiences to avoid certain things in life. But no, Race 3 doesn’t fit into any of those categories – it is so bad that it’s just so bad. Bad acting (offended bhai fans stop reading at this point) – because let’s face it not one amongst Salman, Jacqueline, Daisy Shah and Bobby Deol can fit even under mediocre actors’ list, they’re just bad. Even though “their business is their business, none of our business” but it is our duty to make you aware of things to avoid in life.


    If you have already made the huge mistake of watching it, then you have our condolences. But if you haven’t, then this would be #1 advice on our list of things to watch out for in Race 3 and avoid in real life – DO NOT WATCH IT. Let’s get on with it then.


    • Do Not Jump Off A Skyscraper

    If jumping-off of a skyscraper seems in any way heroic, it is not – wingsuit or not. This is how Salman aka Sikander makes his high-tech (pun intended) entry. No matter what this or any other superhero movie says – it is dumb. No, seriously, kids let’s not try this at home.


    • Don’t Drive Without A Driver

    The one thing, one thing that you need to know is that a car does not know how to drive. It needs someone to drive. But in more than one scene, cars are being driven by NOBODY; there is no one. Please, no.


    • Don’t Shoot and Drive

    No, we don’t need more reasons for accidents in our country. Saqib Saleem shoots cars, with both hands, while driving – BIG NO.


    • Please Don’t Cut A Dress While It’s on You

    In what seems like an absolutely unnecessary scene (like the entire movie) Daisy Shah does an entire knife trick only to cut a slash through her dress. When we meant, ‘women in action,’ this is not what we meant. Anyway, if you use a deadly knife to cut a dress that’s on you, and that’s not the only thing it will cut.


    • Don’t Shoot at Bikes and Especially BMWs

    Because 1. They will NOT blow up and 2. They are expensive


    • Don’t Shave with Swiss Knife

    The laws which generally apply to men, do not apply to Bhai (no pun intended, maybe). There is a reason why men all over the world go through the tiring process of shaving. We mean, wouldn’t just whipping a knife across your face be so much easier?


    • Missiles Are Not Meant to Blow Cars

    If anyone ever told you that it was okay to blow up cars with missiles, let me tell you it is not, even if there’s no one in the car. Please Google recoil velocity.


    • Wingsuits are Not for Extended Flying

    It is true. I don’t think anyone told this to Salman and Jacqueline. They fly around 5000 kms, yes; you read that right – 5000 kms on a wingsuit.


    • Don’t Spin A Bike and Spin with It

    If you like stunts and know how to perform them, then good for you. But if you think spinning a bike around yourself, without using any breaks whatsoever and shooting at the same time is a good idea, ask yourself again.


    • Do Not Forget Physics

    Don’t let a 2-hour 46 minutes movie ruin everything schools taught you. This movie defies the laws the physics. Newton would’ve killed himself twice over. But let’s not do that, shall we? We know what momentum, gravity, recoil velocity and the third law of motion is, do we not? Always remember them.


    • Dialogues

    Watch out for dialogues like “Our business is our business, none of your business”, “Isko dil nahi DELL khol ke dikha”. The writers must have thought them to be funny. Well, if this were considered remotely funny then comedy and stand-up wouldn’t be an entire industry now.


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    The ultimate aim of this article is to warn you against getting inspired by such movies, which are few million miles away from fiction and logic in all sense. Your life and sanity are important to a lot many people, including your immediate family.


    Thus, do not risk your life by indulging in above-mentioned stunts, and always have a term insurance policy to protect your fans from the uncertainties of life. A term insurance policy will financially secure the future of your loved ones while you go through the stunts of life.


    We are done with our business; hope you follow our words to have a logical life.