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  • Wednesday, August, 2019| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:02:19
  •  Los Angeles : There are social media apps that let you recommend places. There are apps that let you communicate with friends, share stories and commemorate life’s big events. What about an app that lets you share and enjoy the story of Time itself?


    Timebot is a new iPhone application that allows users to do just that. With the app, users enjoy the ability to explore the world, not just by their social or geographic networks, but by time as well. Timebot’s unique Time Travel feature allows users to navigate through different timelines created from Timebot’s collection of photos and videos. Users can explore posts made by others right where they are standing – like a home, restaurant or unique point of interest, or they can view photos and videos from all over the world.


    “We see Timebot as the world’s most versatile digital time capsule,” says founder Jeremy Shasha. “Users can share their memorable moments on Timebot, and preserve them forever, indelibly linked to that particular moment in space and time. This allows future users to scroll back and forth in time and see the history of a particular place based on how Timebot users have interacted with it.”


    Users can link themselves not only to a specific place and time, but they can link themselves to each other through a feature called WorldSync. At certain times each day when a WorldSync begins, everyone has 30-40 seconds to join. Then users have a 10-second countdown to prepare for the photo. The photo is then taken simultaneously on phones all over the world and assembled into a grid for everyone to view, discuss and share. Using the same filters as Time Travel, users can see what friends, family and people around the world were doing at that specific moment in time.


    Timebot allows users to take that same concept to a private group as well with a feature called TimeSync. TimeSync can be initiated by anyone in a private group at any time of day. The photos are stitched together in a collage and shared privately in the group’s chat.


    Along with private TimeSyncs, users can also send Timed messages in their groups. All they have to do is choose the time they want the text to be delivered, up to 100 years into the future, and Timebot does the rest.


    “People love to talk about where they were and what they were doing when a certain globally-significant event happened,” says Shasha. “With Timebot, you will be able to capture that moment forever, share it with users all over the world and  be able to see what the world was doing and how it was reacting. For the users on this app 20, 50, or 100 years from now, that will feel like time travel.”


    Timebot is currently available for download on the iOS platform. An Android version of the app is currently in development. Jeremy Shasha is available for interviews regarding Timebot. To schedule an interview, contact Shasha at [email protected]