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    Titan Maritime II Collection

    Published on October 27, 2021

    A watch for the explorer in you

    Inspired by the seafarers and their adventurous voyages, Maritime II is the second edition of timepieces in the Titan Maritime series, crafted for the men who appreciate the attention to detail. Maritime II comprises ten stunning timepieces inspired from steam engine ships, and designed to capture the incredible elements of these ships.

    Titan Maritime II collection includes four different cases with distinct watch designs and nuances. These cases draw inspiration from the streamlined bow of the steamships, from their propellers, from their portholes and from the engine order telegraph. The watches in this collection are water resistant, and the collection also features some mechanical watches.

    These timepieces, with a labyrinth of detailed design elements, are an ode to adventurous seafarers. Some watches represent the resplendent streamlined bow of ships, where the dial is accentuated with an interplay of discs that evoke dynamism and power. The magnificence of engine order telegraph finds distinct expression in some watches. Each timepiece is an exquisite marvel enhancing the character of the wearer’s personality with its celebration of intricate craftsmanship complete with deep ocean blue plating adding rich character and style quotient to the collection.

    With the price range of INR 8,495/- to  INR 26,995/-, Titan Maritime II is available for the customers to shop across World of Titan and Helios Watch stores. Customers can shop this collection online at www.titan.co.in .