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  • Top 5 Hottest Cryptos To Watch Out in 2023 – Floki Inu, Big Eyes Coin, Shiba Inu And Others

    Published on January 29, 2023

    While the crypto market is going through a rough patch, many ponder the implications this will have in the year 2023. The FTX debacle, coupled with multiple filings for bankruptcy among major crypto corporations, continued to be a pressing issue for investors. The sentiment is far from ideal, and the growing tensions between SEC and US-based crypto start-ups will inevitably result in a confrontation. However, not all is lost, and there is a silver lining in these recent developments.

    Regulations, bankruptcies and scandals tend to be primarily associated with either DeFi protocols or centralised exchanges, which leaves more room to breathe for down-to-earth projects like meme tokens. While these admittedly lack practical utility, they also avoid confrontation with the SEC thanks to the loyal communities around them. Considering this, such projects have a decent chance of finishing this crypto winter on top, bringing the desired ROI to savvy crypto-enthusiasts. Join me in today’s editorial, where we will look at the hottest meme coins of 2023.



    Big Eyes Coin: The King Meme Token

    Big Eyes Coin has been smashing its presale records across the board and is looking to achieve the $19 million mark, which is very impressive for a meme token by all accounts. The project ticks all the boxes and has the capacity to grow into an ecosystem similar to Shiba Inu or Ape coin. However, what makes this project unique is its balanced approach towards DeFi and NFTs.

    Many meme coins out there tend to adhere to one specific domain, hence losing a big chunk of the target audience and potential profit. However, Big Eyes does not compromise, and with a special tax imposed on the sale of NFTs, the sky is the limit for this juggernaut meme token.

    Shiba Inu: The Dogecoin killer

    Shiba Inu has been doing exceptionally well this season and is looking to finish January in the green territory. Many attribute this to the revived interest in meme coins from major crypto whales, but we believe that Shiba’s ecosystem is the key to this success story. Spawning games, DeFi initiatives and a loyal fan base, there is little that could stop SHIB token from growing any further. Be sure to check it out and ride the current UP wave.

    Dogecoin: The Land of Dogs

    If you want to dive into the meme coin universe, DOGE should be among your first choices. Amazingly, this project was around before Buterin’s Ethereum saw the light of day, which is an astonishing result. Similar to its counterpart SHIB, the token has been doing great compared to the rest of the market. Dogs are back in trend, and DOGE is looking to dominate the canine land big time.

    Dogelonmars: Comics, Space and More

    Although this project might feel like a dark horse in the meme coin race, think twice before making the final judgement. Dogelon Mars has a unique trait of mimicking its older brother DOGE’s upward and downward trends. If DOGE and other dog-themed meme coins are doing well, Dogelon Mars always follows the lead.

    Floki Inu: Meme Token With Character

    Floki Inu has just completed its website rebranding, and the final product looks fantastic. This project follows three straightforward principles: community, education and charity, which enables it to occupy a special place in the hearts of dog theme enthusiasts. The Floki Inu university of crypto stands out compared to the rest of the competition due to a very entertaining and gamified way of learning how to trade crypto. If you are a newbie in the crypto game, FLOKI should be on your radar during 2023.

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