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  • Tuesday, December, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:56:07
    1. Return with a vengeance: Post the pandemic vibrant shades -Red, Wine and Mauve will rule the stage at both work and party looks with teens and young.
    • The camera-ready pout: Vitamin E enriched lipsticks / lip balms to keep your lips supple and beat the winter dryness.
    • Return of the retro look with modern aesthetics will be led by the teens: well defined lips with bold outlines and long stay effect
    • Championing sustainability and eco-friendly products
    • Knowledgeable users with simplified yet rigorous care routines: Clean your lips daily before hitting the bed and apply a balm enriched with Vitamin E&A that hydrate your lips and rejuvenate them through the night:

     Vellino by Vestige Moisture Rich Lipsticks

    With a pledge to never disappoint you, Vellino has come up with a Moisture Rich Lipstick in 12 vibrant shades to match all your mood swings. The Vellino lipsticks are highly pigmented. moisturizing with satin finish and enriched with Vitamin E. It gives you a defined look with single swipe application. These are made with natural ingredients and are paraben-free, 100% cruelty-free and Halal certified.

    Celebrate beauty, fashion & friends with the perfect satin-finish

    Price: INR 240 /-

    Vellino by Vestige Pink ‘n’ Pout Lip Tints & Lip Care Balm

    For everyday pink, glossy and luscious lips, Vellino brings to your Pink ‘n’ Pout lip tints in 3 fruity flavours and a lip care balm to nourish and take care of your daily look. The tint and balm enriched with Vitamin E & A hydrates and nourishes your lips, relieves dryness and chipped lips, and moisturises it well for your daily lip care.

    Enjoy the blend of beauty, fashion & friends with perfect blend of tint and balm

    Price: INR 190 /-