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  • Top 5 online learning tools for a healthy development of your children’s mind in 2021

    Published on September 20, 2021

    The introduction of technology in the education sector has played a pivotal role in offering various opportunities for young learners. The benefits of e-learning are tremendous. For this reason, the country has witnessed an exponential boost in the use of online learning platforms.

    Learning becomes interesting if the learner enjoys the process of learning. The online learning tools make the learning process convenient and effective. E-learning platforms enhance your children’s education by engaging them with edutainment videos, fun-packed kits, innovative teaching, and practical co-curricular activities. These online courses/ kits have an attractive design, suitable graphics, animations, clear instructions, memorizable and understandable language that makes learning fun. These Ed-tech companies provide flexibility to the kids; they can learn at their own pace. These reward your kids after competing quizzes or chapters, motivating them to study independently without pressure from their parents or teachers. This trait makes them suitable for working parents who dream of imparting quality education to their children.

    With these online learning tools in your hand, you need not worry about the holistic development of your children in 2021.

    1.Class Monitor

    Indore-based EdTech startup ClassMonitor caters to today’s needs and provides world-class, comfortable home-based learning in an interactive way for early learners in India (0-8). Early childhood development is vital for inculcating socio-emotional skills within the child. The brand offers fun-packed kits that let you play, teach and bond meaningfully with your children. Class Monitor provides effectively-researched early childhood education programs blended with traditional and modern learning techniques. It focuses on developing your child fundamentally by focusing on five core areas: linguistic skills, logical thinking, sensory and motor skills, cognitive skills, and creativity. Class Monitor’s hybrid early childhood programs connect real-life learning experiences and curated hand-on activities with the ClassMonitor App- a  tech-enabled platform designed to help you strengthen your children’s learning. The products are specifically designed to address year-round learning and are available at a very minimum price.

    2. Flintoclass

    Flinto Learning Solutions is a market leader in early childhood education. By transforming homes and classrooms into interesting collaborative activity spaces, Flinto has innovated the early education industry. Flinto mainly follows the e-commerce subscription model.

    All learning products and tools are intensively researched. The research center works with parents and early childhood teachers to create an ecosystem conducive to realizing each child’s true potential.


    Kutuki is one of the first early learning apps in India. It uses proprietary stories and song-based lessons to appeal to the youngest students in India. Kutuki’s interactive app aims to change the minds of young people by creating contextual and multilingual content that Indian parents and children can identify with. With over 1L + users and over 130 kindergarten subscribers, Kutuki is entering Cities I, II, and III with its regional language content.

    4. Kangaroo Kids

    Kangaroo Kids is an online preschool that balances learning and development suitable for children 2 to 6 years old. Its program aims to help young children develop critical skills in literacy, emotional intelligence, and social and physical development. The goal of Kangaroo Kids Online Preschool is to provide children with a safe and well-structured learning environment, allowing them to develop in a fun and exciting way, where they can explore their curiosity and learn at their own pace. Its unique curriculum helps children learn in a friendly environment while giving parents peace of mind.

    5.  Ocky Pocky

    OckyPocky is one of the first interactive English learning apps for preschool children created by Whizkids in India. OckyPocky uses the artificial intelligence / natural learning process to help children meet their English learning needs. It provides feedback and allows children to build an early vocabulary base through voice, video, and vernacular. OckyPocky is primarily for non-English speaking families.


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