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  • Tuesday, September, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:00:05
  • There is a thin line between education and skill development. The need for skill- based along with knowledge-based professionals in today’s era has made parents realise the gap in the traditional education system. Education needs to be beyond the world of books and willingness to learn in the right manner needs to be inculcated in children. Understanding the intelligent association between thoughts, It is the practical approach towards a situation and how well it is handled that truly counts. In support of the natural questioning ability in children that lays foundation for critical thinking, here are top platforms that can help kids transform into Critical Thinkers.


    BeyondSkool is a first of its kind live online Up Skilling Academy for children, transforming passive learners into sharp thinkers. It was established with the vision to overcome any barrier between what is needed by the ‘New World Careers’ and ‘Our Children’s Skills’. While subject-information is significant, at BeyondSkool the kid is empowered to create Higher Order Thinking Skills of Logic, Analysis, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Innovation, and Communication, in this manner changing them from being simple ‘Information Acquirers’ to ‘Information Multipliers’.

    With World’s First EQ, IQ, CQ Integrated subjects that makes school learning stronger, BeyondSkool is creating a community of Young Creators where 6-year olds are giving their first speeches and 8 year old are making their first machines.

    SP Robotics

    SP Robotic Works is India’s leading Edtech Company that bundles Learning Robotics, Coding & other New age technologies with fun! Digital Learning Platform (AI-assisted) coupled with Hands-on Kits helps students learn various Technologies like Robotics, Coding, Internet of Things (IoT), Drones, Android App Building, Virtual Reality and many more!! They deliver courses both on Online & Offline Smart classes mode via SP Robotics Maker Labs spread across 83 dedicated centres in 32 cities and 13 states.

    It only improves coding abilities yet additionally critical thinking abilities and innovativeness. Presently, the Android and AI courses are being offered for a free preliminary, however, one can continue to buy the whole course in the wake of knowing their advantage. The individuals who complete their course will get an authentication.

    White Hat Junior

    In 2030, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will touch 800 Million jobs. The world will split into creators and consumers. WhiteHat Jr makes kids creators in the new world.

    WhiteHat Jr is India’s #1 Live online 1:1 platform for coding and math. Kids learn logic, structure, sequence, and algorithmic thinking to generate creative outcomes like animations and apps. All classes are taught via a Live 1:1 Online platform connecting top certified teachers to children.

    Your ideas and feedback make us better. Mutual respect is key to creating a positive social space, and comments with the sole intention of spamming, harassing, and trolling us will be removed. We look forward to creating a lively and helpful space for all learning enthusiasts!


    Technology has drastically improved the existing educational system over the past fifteen years. ‘Self-learning,’ using online platforms, has replaced traditional learning. The umbrella of a technology-based educational system incorporates multitudes of learning apps. Byju’s-The Learning App (Byju’s) is India’s largest educational app with over 3,00,000 annual subscriptions. The learning app uses a blend of content, media, and technology to make learning more interactive and interesting among the students. It also promotes personalized learning among the users.