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  • Thursday, April, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:20:34
  • Unveiling the message of “Love-Life-Laughter”, White Cub presents gluten & dairy-free gift hampers into the market

    Published on January 21, 2022

    ~The gift boxes contains unique assortment of products and will be available on their official website~

    New Delhi : White Cub, India’s pioneering vegan and dairy-free brand has created a unique, lovely and healthy gift hamper for the consumers. The gift basket has some of the best dairy and gluten-free offerings from White Cub including chocolate chip cookies, almond cookies, hazelnut-cashew spread, and vegan butter. It also comes with a beautiful message written on its packaging, “Love-Live-Laughter,” to inspire people to love beyond words, live every moment, and laugh every day.

    This gift hamper collection includes five different gift boxes, ranging from ₹530.00 for the smallest gift box to ₹1,405 for the giant gift box. Each gift box contains a unique assortment of products.

    The company believes in offering healthy products and actively supports zero trans-fats. Delicious in taste, their vegan butter is made with coconut oil, fortified with vitamins A, D2, and B12, and contains no interesterified fats, palm oil, or trans-fats.

    Their holiday special cookies, almond cookies, and choco-chip cookies are made with vegan butter, roasted almonds, and choco-chip respectively. Unrefined brown sugar, roasted hazelnuts and cashews, cocoa solids, vitamin B12, and vitamin D2 are also included in the hazelnut-cashew spread.

    A health freak, a committed vegan and an entrepreneur at heart, WhiteCub’s founder and CEO, Ms Sonal, stated, “We are delighted to bring these new gift hampers with all our best products in the market and are confident that our customers will love them. We want to promote love, harmony, and happiness in the society hence the gift hampers a special message of “Love-Live-Laughter”. Ultimately veganism is about making a choice not a sacrifice. We want to focus on healthy living and encouraging veganism in the country.”


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