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  • Sunday, September, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:42:42
  • Come the Indian summer, and the one thing that crosses everyone’s mind is the all-popular AC or air conditioner. Few years ago, it was a privilege to own one. Now, a lot of households have two ACs, one for every room that is lived in the most. Typically, Indians use air conditioners from April, when temperatures start soaring higher, to July, when the monsoon is at its peak, and temperatures cool. 

    Some families even use their air conditioners for practically the whole year. You can’t really blame Indians for wanting ACs in their homes, and since the advent of split ACs, more people are investing in these appliances that have silent cooling systems, and purify air as they cool. Whether you choose home grown brands like a Voltas AC, or one of the new LG split ACs, you can be assured of great technology and specs.

    Advantages of Air Conditioners

    If you’re thinking of purchasing an air conditioner, the ideal model is the latest and most efficient in technology. The inverter technology for ACs is created in such a way that it cuts costs on your power bills, by saving 30%-50% of electricity consumed. When you shop for one of these advanced ACs, you will discover that they have ratings that determine their energy efficiency. 

    Compressors of such ACs always remain working, but ACs balance power, intelligently detecting the temperature of incoming air. Developed by Japanese companies, this technology is available in the best Hitachi AC, in the brand’s very popular split air conditioners. It’s now available in window models as well. The same kind of technology is used in all the latest refrigerators so that cooling is maximized when it’s needed. 

    The Best ACs 

    The best air conditioner for you depends on your individual needs, and the size of rooms that need cooling. Home-grown brands like Voltas and Blue Star have been making air conditioners for years, and have been adopting the best that technology has to offer. They are durable and function just as well as ACs offered by other foreign brands like LG and Samsung.

    Every air conditioner is made for a maximum peak load to be borne by its function. For instance, an AC with a cooling capacity of 1.5 tons is designed for a room of a specific size. Air conditioners that come with a cooling capacity of 1 ton are made for small-sized rooms. According to the room it is cooling (the area of the room), an AC with inverter technology will adjust its load to match room size. Inverter ACs adjust the indoor temperature based on the changes in climate, the amount of heat coming into a room, and other factors like changes in temperature over a single day or night, plus various other factors that don’t remain constant. Some of these even have air purifiers and dehumidifiers built-in. 

    The Best AC Brands You Can Buy

    The best ACs in India that you can buy today come from the following brands:




    Blue Star




    All these come in window and split AC models, with high energy-efficient ratings up to 5 stars. If you would like to buy your favourite AC to remain comfortable before the summer sets in, shop on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, and get a selection from the premier brands in India. Use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to shop and get attractive deals and discounts, while paying easily on EMIs.