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  • Who Will Protect Adi Sankaracharya’s ‘Muthalakkadvu’ in Kaladi?

    Published on August 3, 2022

    Kaladi: The squalid condition of “Muthalakkadvu” (Crocodile Ghat), in the Pariyar Rivar (Poorna Nadi) in Kaladi, where Adi Shankaran took ‘Manasa Sanyasam’, is worrying many who are genuinely concerned of our tradition and culture.  From this Ghat the Hindu renaissance originated.  In the history of Adi Sankara, the great Hindu revivalist and the unifier of Bharat, this Ghat has unique significance, for it at spot where Sankara’s mother Aryamba permitted her only son to be an ascetic, relinquishing the mundane world.

    It is pathetically unfortunate, neither the “aggressive” Hindu activists”, nor those yelling that Hindus and their culture are under attack have ever worries of the poor plight of the Ghats that has a unique relevance in the birth of the great Hindu Monk, Adi Sankaran- the proponent of Advaita Vedantam (non-dualistic philosophy) that reunited the Hindus across Bharat and reinvented the religious structure as a whole.

    Adi Shankaran is believed to be born in 788 CE.  Sankaran relinquished his body in 820 CE at an age of 32 in Kedarnath.

    In his brief span of life Adi Shankaran traveled the length and breadth of Bharatvarsham on foot thrice propagating the Advaita Vedantam.  His mission was to unite Bharat and the Hindus. His mission was to integrate the nation and Hindus through spiritual enlightenment.

    Adi Sankaran is to be singularly credited for revitalizing the morbid Hinduism.  Through his teachings Sankaran could re-establish the dwindling Vedic tradition with his convincingly authoritative deliberations on Brahamasutras, Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita.

    Young Sankaran was also successful in bringing in an effective organisational structure for Hindus and that led to the reinforcement of the religion. Through establishing the ‘mathas’ in Sringeri, Dwaraka, Puri and Kanchi Sankaran could not only strengthen the organizational structure of Hinduism. His brilliant explanation of the Indian philosophical thoughts and the concept of Advaitam could unite the Hindus and the nation alike.

    However, it is pathetic that the religious radicals masquerading as “saviors of Hindus” and those igniting communal passion for political motives are celebrated while the prime signature of the prime planner of Hindu renaissance is disregarded.

    “Being a Hindu and an Indian I am deeply anguished and ashamed at the dismal status of Muthalakkadvu, the birth place of Hindu renaissance.  This is the historical Ghat where Adi Sankaran pledged to relinquish the mundane world and entrust his life for the revival of Hindu and unity of Bharat,” says Rajesh R Nair, General Secretary, Sree Sankara Dharma Paripalana Yogam, an organization dedicated to promoting Sankara Philosophy.

    According to Mr. Nair “the Muthalakkadvu (Crocodile Ghat) , a place of worship for Hindus  is being desecrated by antisocial.  The revered Ghat has become a dumping spot for filthy waste.  None cares to clean the Ghat. The Kaladi Gramapanchayat is the custodian of the Ghat and they bother little to maintain the sanctity of the spot identified with the great teacher (Guru) of Bharat.” 

    It’s surprising; the Kaladi Sringeri Mutt, established by Adi Sankaran, is hardly perturbed at the pitiable condition of the Ghat from where the Global Guru originated. “The Ghat belongs to the local Panchayat” so the Muth does not take much interest in maintaining it. But, Mr Nair is “determined to bring back the glory and holiness of the Ghat.  For that I am mobilizing Sankara devotees. We want the Ghat to be handed over to the devotees or the ascetics of Sankara tradition. ” 


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