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    Why Should You Open a Guest House?

    Published on May 27, 2020

    Some people are quite happy to go on with their lives in the same way as they always have. They have family, a career, a home, hobbies, and it all comes together to make them happy and satisfied. Then there are others who, after a little time, find there might be something else they should be doing in life.

    When this feeling comes, it can be hard to shake. If you have already experienced this, you’ll likely begun to research other areas to live in, other hobbies, or other careers you could enter into. This can be very exciting, and it’s a chance to try something new and start again if that’s what you feel you need.

    When it comes to changing career, there are many different options and it can feel somewhat overwhelming. Depending on your personality, your qualifications, and your skills, you’ll soon start to narrow things down, though. For some, opening a guest house is the perfect way to make a living and enjoy life. Here are some of the reasons why this might appeal to you.

    Your Personality

    Opening a guest house means you can truly express your own personality and that isn’t always possible in every career. It’s good to let people know who you truly are, and if you can do it in a fun way that’s even better.

    You might:

     Have funky furnishings, perhaps in a retro style or with a theme

     Build a unique structure such as a barndominium so that people have somewhere special to stay

     Offer exceptional customer service and treat your guests like family

     Offer classes alongside your guest house so that new hobbies and skills can be found (this might be cookery,   painting, yoga, or anything that will help guests to relax)


    You Need a Project

    Even if you buy your guest house as a fully functioning business and you take it over (with your own unique twist, of course) or you start from scratch and build (perhaps literally) the house up from nothing, you will still have a project on your hands.

    It’s perhaps more obvious when you think of building from the ground up because that project is a more tangible one. But even if everything is already in place, you’ll still have ongoing work to do.

    You will need to manage, market, and run the guest house to a high standard. That means making sure everything is exactly right and fixing any issues that might occur. It means potentially being on call 24/7, but it’s also a lot of fun, and if you love people, it can be the perfect career.

    You Love People

    To run a successful guest house you need to really love being with people, and to an extent, taking care of them. This is not the kind of business anyone can set up and be successful in; to rise to the top, your guest house needs to be somewhere people long to go to, and they won’t do that if you aren’t as warm and friendly as they are expecting.

    If you really enjoy being around people and are sociable by nature, then a guest house is ideal. You can meet new friends almost every day and discover so much about them in a short time that it feels like you’ve known them forever. There is something very special about that.