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  • With a year full of smiles, warm embraces, and serving delicious food and craft cocktails, Kyma promises to satiate your tastebuds one plate at a time!

    Published on December 2, 2022

    The dynamic all-day casual bar and dining restaurant at One BKC has acquired a glorifying spot in the hearts of many and is on the climb to becoming a leading restaurant in Mumbai.

    Mumbai: Kyma, the city’s all-day casual dining and bar focusing on Mediterranean and Asian cuisines, at One BKC and the brainchild of Nikita Poojari & Narayan Poojari, the owners of the famous Shiv Sagar Food and Resort Pvt. Ltd., is all set to celebrate its 1st anniversary in full swing. Kyma focuses on Mediterranean and Asian cuisines and meets the need of the hour by tapping two of the most popular cuisines under one roof. The pioneering, striking, and elegantly done-up all-day restaurant opened its doors one year ago and has uniquely transformed the way locals and visitors across the globe spend their outings in a well-versed yet fun-filled manner.

    Owing its success to the visionary minds of the managing partners Nikhil Rochlani, Dhaval Udeshi, and Pawan Shahri and the happy faces of its loyal customers along with the constant love and amazing feedback that the restaurant keeps receiving, Kyma quickly

    became one of the most popular restaurants in Mumbai. Going beyond the ordinary, the masterminds behind the polished and eccentric Kyma have designed different themes and decor at Kyma for their first anniversary and have also curated some exciting and unique ensembles where the guests will be able to relive their experiences all the while exploring new delicacies or enjoying some of their Kyma favourites.

    Shedding a light on the inspiration behind creating Kyma, Nikita Poojari, founder of Kyma, Butterfly High, Bigg Small Café, and Director of Shiv Sagar Group said, “After working in the F&B industry for so long, we wanted to create something more high-end, and something more experimental. We wanted to come up with two different cuisines and amalgamate them in such a way that they would cater to a fine-dining audience. Moreover, we wanted to create an ambience that exudes an all-day casual vibe with a beautiful outdoor alfresco area, cabanas, and a gazebo for outdoor seating with fairy lights and planters that give you the ethereal European winter feels along with an aesthetically pleasing indoor area And that’s how we came up with Kyma. We are super happy that we’ve completed one year and it’s been an amazing year. The patrons have enjoyed the food and it’s been a journey that’s well worth it.”

    The indoor section hasloftyceilings  that enhances the space which is divided into several sections that seamlessly fit together – the lounge area that eases into the plush couches with dull soft lighting overlooking the large tree-lined avenues of the neighbourhood through the large bay windows; the bar area is masterfully long and enticing you to sit on the comfortable bar chairs and sip on a cocktail, and finally the dining area with crockery and cutlery arranged with an understated and earthy feel culminating in a Private Dining Room for those who prefer to bring in a large group and privacy.

    Partner Dhaval Udeshi tells us, “This celebration is all about adding a personal touch and going the extra mile to make our customers happy. Whether you want a lavish brunch, a full-blown meal, or some amazing cocktails, there are so many things to love about Kyma.”

    The zestful journey of Kyma began a year ago with sheer passion, dedication, and thoughtfully focusing on serving value-for-money Asian and Mediterranean food. By steadily building a loyal customer base and the flawless consistency of food and cocktails, Kyma promises to keep providing a wholesome experience to the guests. For Kyma, the past year has proven to be exactly how they envisioned it to be. On the glorious occasion of the 1st anniversary, the gifted culinary team has come up with a specialised never-done-before Asian and Mediterranean Christmas menu. “Looking at the feedback from the customers throughout the first working year has been an amazing experience. We would definitely want to try and experiment on our menu in the future and we are looking forward to many more successful years ahead,” says Nikita Poojari 

    With the culinary landscape drastically changing in the post-pandemic world, Kyma marvellously adapted to it by making a conscious effort to use all-natural and organic ingredients and by adding elements to the menu that are also healthy and nutritious. On that note, some of the popular dishes enjoyed by patrons include Kunafa wrapped prawns, Falafel with classic Toum, Cherry wood cream cheese hummus, Cheese and Zaatar Pide, Dynamite Prawn, Kyma Veg Tempura Sushi, Philly cheese Dim Sums, and Fish in plum sauce and oh! the Saffron Milk Cake here is highly recommended.

    “At Kyma we put in an effort to create something new every few months so we can serve new customers and also give our existing customers something new to rejoice in. We ensure each meal is a careful curation of multiple elements that intrigue our guests with the local ingredients. The main agenda of our journey is to satisfy our customers which we feel we have successfully done. Additionally, we are also looking forward to expanding with the love and support of our customers,” says Nikhil Rochlani.

    Kyma is sure to have you coming back  for more as they prepare for some beautifully crafted, modernly-twisted dishes for their first anniversary such as the fiery Chickpeas and Foul bean spicy tahini kebab served with salsa, Kyma special asparagus tempura Sushi Roll accompanied with spicy sauce, tempura flakes, and blue peas rice amongst others. If you are looking for some non-vegetarian pass-arounds, then the Shawarma chicken Manakish made with roasted chicken, hand-picked vegetables, and flashed cheese that melts in your mouth, and Dynamite Prawns, accompanied by kewpie mayo, tobanjan, togarasi, and sesame oil are a must-try. The anniversary-special menu also includes mains such as Kyma Signature Noodles with soya ginger, Chicken Mushboos, which is fragrant rice cooked with chicken and served with Tzatziki and Toum, and Paneer Shawarma which includes 5herb grilled paneer, pickle, and vegetables. At the end of your meal, if you need that harmonizing sweet taste to bring it all together, go for the Classic Baklava (to die for) or the Saffron Milk Cake, a sweet yeasted spiced fruit bread peppered with flavoursome dried fruit, who’s taste is just as distinctive. Love cocktails? The bar has some bespoke recipes up its sleeve, which complement the dishes perfectly like Apply Ever After, a delectable drink containing Granny Smith infused apple with gin and spices, The Mistletoe, a gin-infused drink with ginger syrup, processo, and cranberry, and Kyma’s Signature Negroni, infused with gin, Campari and elderflower amongst numerous others. 

    So what are you waiting for? Grab life by a fork and embark on a truly fulfilling culinary journey, with lots of laughter, fun, delightful delicacies and groaningly flavoursome drinks as you celebrate Christmas with Kyma! Book your tables now!


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