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  • WK Life’s Power-Packed Bluetooth Speaker SP350 is Taking the Market by Storm

    Published on March 15, 2019

    WK Life’s mid-range power-packed Bluetooth speaker SP350 is currently one of the hits in the electronics industry. It is surpassing its competitors by a healthy margin, both in the arena or sales and features, and has naturally attracted substantial fame in the market. SP350 boasts of a communication range as wide as 10 meters with an auto-pairing facility with any Bluetooth device combined with guaranteed high sound quality.

    The SP350 cost 1999/- includes all the expertise of WK Life in making top-notch electronics products. It is hands-free, gives the customer 4 hours of continuous service and is highly portable. The included battery has a rating of 500 mAh, which is way better than any of its counterparts in the same price slot. Its design is at par with the modern standards, maintains aesthetics and involves engineering that makes the output sound spread over an expansive range.

    The frequency range of WK Life’s SP350 is from 150Hz to 20KHz which covers the entire span of the human auditory range. This means it can play every sound with the utmost detail and clarity. The output power is around 3 watts with the maximum figure reaching up to 5 watts and the resulting sound can go be turned up to the highest limit without any possibility of sound distortion. The optimal signal-to-noise the ratio of 85dB kicks in here and takes care of that.

    The brand has also effectively kept the distortion level close to a mere 1%. In short, customers get all the facilities from the SP350 as any other Bluetooth speaker from any of the top brands. There is a warranty on the product of 1 year and itis available in four different colours. WK Life has always edged past the market competition with their combination of high-quality products and attractive pricing and the SP350 is no different.

    Plus, this speaker is version 2.1 +EDR. Obviously, it is better than most other speakers out there with all the major technologies included. The SP350 is also capable of automatically detecting every other Bluetooth device in the speaker’s vicinity having any version of the Bluetooth software. It is available in all the major online e-commerce stores and all of WK Life’s outlets.

    The SP350 Bluetooth speakers is truly the next step to make music lover’s lives better and smarter and has naturally taken the market by storm. It can sit in the corner of a room, travel easily in a car or fit into any bag without consuming extra space. The speaker has the brand value and assurance of WK Life, quality is etched on its every corner. WK Life products are exclusively available at WK Life store DLF Mall of India, Sector 18, Noida, Uttar Pradesh and Kamla Nagar, New Delhi.