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    Young Talent With Mesmerizing Voice – Mustafa Khan

    Published on June 4, 2021

    This young singing sensation hails from Pakistan and is settled in Dubai, He has been a big fan of Bollywood songs since an early age and has today honed his skills so well that his voice is no less than a professional singer. His natural style of singing has bowled all and many have openly appreciated his talent which is fabulous compared to a boy his age. One can say that he is one of the best Bollywood-style singers from Dubai.

     “My musical journey began at a very early age when my father saw me singing at home and realized I had some natural musical talents. I felt more passionate about singing as days passed by and also started honing my skills in the same. I absolutely love Bollywood songs and giving it my own touch is what I believe is my USP, which has allowed me to thrive much in the industry as a teenager,” says MK, who had even become famous with his YouTube channel ‘MK Music’, which already has thousands of subscribers.

    Across Dubai, when Mustafa Khan had begun his journey, he was probably the youngest Bollywood singer, who without any formal training in music, worked around his God-gifted musical talents and went ahead to garner much love, respect and recognition from Dubai and other parts of the world, especially India. Many well-known artists of the industry also appreciated and retweeted his songs on Twitter.

    Mustafa Khan rechristened as MK is on his way to release his debut album with either T-Series or Sony, which will feature five or six solo numbers guaranteed to win listeners hearts. When asked about which song is he working upon at the moment, Mustafa says, “I’m recording the famous Sufi song ‘Damadam Mast Kalandar’ and the release date is set for Ramadan.” One should see this young talent in the recording studio as having no formal training in singing he records all songs without any retakes which is amazing for a boy his age, and that too untrained in music.

    He is definitely one of those talented singers who will emerge as an established singing artist by the time he passes the quarter century mark.

    Follow him on Instagram: @mustafakhanofficiall.