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    5 recently released horror movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video this coming weekend

    Published on October 7, 2021

    Halloween is almost upon us and the weekends are getting spooky as we speak. The fun rests in the part where we can just take a breather and binge watch our favorite series and movies with our kith and kin. There are several horror movies which have been released recently and it is bound to keeps us at the edge of our seats. The eerie screams, the brooding darkness and the foreshadowing of terrible events that are yet to happen is what makes a horror movie worth watching. So, here are 5 phenomenally diabolic movies to kick off this amazing month on Amazon Prime Video that you can watch this October.


    If you want to take a trip back to the early 1970’s to California where the mansions were big, the cars (now considered- vintage) then Madres is your destination. The story is about a Mexican couple Diana (played by Ariana Guerra) and Beto (played by Tenoch Huerta), who are expecting their first child. Having moved to California and being isolated from the community, Diana’s confounded state is further aggravated by the discovery of a number of unnatural things. Will she be able to protect her baby from evil? Releasing this weekend on October 08, 2021 this movie is filled with suspense and horror.

    Black As Night

    If you are someone who is interested in a vampire flick, then Black As Night is your go-to movie. The movie portrays a teenage girl who battles with deadly vampires at night. This action packed horror movie will satisfy your fantasies while casually dragging you back to reality. The girl along with her three companion’s targets to attack the vampire’s nest and kill the alpha. But have they bitten off more than they can chew?  To Know more, tune into Amazon Prime Video where Black As Night is streaming.

    Death Of Me

    Death of Me is directed by the phenomenal director, Darren Lynn Bousman, who is renowned for films like Saw and its sequel. This horror-thriller movie will give you a touch and taste of Bousman’s artistry and skill when it comes to creation of anticipation and thrill. The movie is about a woman (played by Maggie Q) who is dead yet still alive. The movie presents the protagonist’s dilemma on uncovering the mystery behind her condition and unveiling the truth.

    The Devil Below

    This 2021 horror movie is directed by Bradley Parker. The Devil Below stars Adan Canto, Will Patton, Zach Avery and Tom Proctor. The movie is about a group of people who stumbles upon a lost town which hides several devious secrets. The movie is enfolded with mind-blowing turns with an unimaginable climax.

    The Manor

    A malevolent force preys upon the residents of a somnolent nursing home in The Manor; a gothic tale of terror with a modern turn of events. One of the newly arrived patients in the nursing home happens to have the ability to sees things others cannot. Though the other residents find it hard to believe her, the way she strives to make others believe that it’s not her senility and dementia but spiteful supernatural power at play is the core of the movie.

    So, grab a big tub of popcorn as you might accidentally throw some off because of the scary twists and turns shown in the movies.