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  • 5 Ways To Avoid Rejection Of Your Health Insurance Claim

    Published on July 26, 2019

    Your health should be held at the highest regard and must be considered as a top-most priority. Keeping your health concerns in mind, every individual must invest in health insurance for the goodness and well-being of their family and themselves. However, there are times when your plea for filing a health insurance claim is turned down. In order to avoid this situation, follow these tips to ensure that your health insurance is accepted in one-go:

    How to avoid your health insurance claim from being rejected?

    1. Understand the type of your policy

    In order to keep your policy from being rejected, understanding your policy inside and out is of key importance. In most cases, customers are unfamiliar with the inclusions, exclusions, features, and benefits offered by the health insurance policy. The certain technicalities and jargons of the policy are something that needs to be given keen attention. Therefore, go through the terms and conditions of the policy carefully before signing up for the policy. Your doubts and queries need to be addressed by a professional who knows the details of the policy thoroughly.

    2.Enter the details of your proposal form

    While filing for a health insurance claim, every customer is asked to fill in personal details about himself. While entering details in the proposal form, see to it that you disclose everything about yourself rather than keeping something hidden from the insurance company. If the insurance company finds out an untold truth about you in the future, you might end up into trouble. At times, when the policyholder is too lazy to fill in the details, he passes it on to someone else in order to do so. Avoid this situation as it might create discrepancies in the proposal form.

    3.Contact the insurance companies immediately

    The solution to every problem is communication. And so is the case when it comes to settling the claims of your health insurance policy. For instance, when your member of the family is admitted in the hospital, it is your immediate responsibility to inform your insurance company. See to it that you at least inform your company within 48 hours of the hospitalization process. Certain insurance companies specify a time frame within which they need to be contacted.


    4. Utilize the add-on covers

    In case of medical emergencies, it is important to think about the individual first rather than the money that goes behind his treatment. Therefore, don’t think about the expenses and select a cover which guarantees additional benefits in times of need. If you select a claim which does not benefit either you or your family during an emergency, then that policy will make no sense. Therefore, opt for a policy that offers add-ons like accident covers or critical illness cover at an affordable rate for the betterment of the policyholder and his family.

    5. Consider the network hospitals

    Being a general insurance provider, it has several tie-ups with numerous hospitals in order to provide customers with the facility of cashless treatments. The customers must avail this service offered by the insurance company in times of necessity. Once you avail the cashless treatment, the claim process hastens and also requires minimal personal intervention.

    Now that you know how to avoid your health insurance claim from being rejected like a pro, when are you filing for it? We do understand that the rejection of your claim is the last thing you want to deal with in times of medical exigencies. Therefore, to make things simpler and smoother for you, follow these steps. Apart from these ways, be super careful while selecting health insurance and you will be good to go for a longer period of time.