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  • An investment banker with a can-do attitude, Prakash Dhingra is a happy-go-lucky individual

    Published on August 26, 2022

    When the pandemic hit in recent years, a lot of people lost all hope in their lives. Many lost their close ones, and their jobs and several other people were subjected to exploitation on various levels. Right after the pandemic ended, it became difficult to bounce back to normalcy for several people. Those who did, became an inspiration to several others who managed to get their lives back in shape became an inspiration for all others.

    In the commercial field, the working of banks and bankers had taken a significant hit, however, they managed to keep up with their tasks and do their jobs and in doing so, they helped several others. An investment banker is responsible for giving out loans and helping uplift the economy on a micro and macro level. Under these tumultuous circumstances, one man stood out among the rest and that man is Prakash Dhingra.

    Prakash Dhingra, an investment banker himself, is on his way to becoming a greater role model to people, more than he already is. While managing his own life, he has also diligently worked his way to the top of the industry and put in the effort whenever required. His positive attitude has worked as a major contributing factor toward his success. His motto is to believe that whatever events happen in life, happen for the betterment of himself.

    He tries his hardest to turn his hardships into lessons that help him progress in life, and tries to find a positive side to every negative coin. He is quite creative in his career-related queries too. He endeavors to balance his work life and family life and does so quite successfully. His family consists of him, his wife Janvi Dhingra, and his son. 


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