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    At Kodnest we believe Change is the only constant, the mantra that these 2 founders followed to upscale their online live training for engineering grads

    Published on December 30, 2020

    Image – Left Mr. Akash Pandey and Right Mr. Prabhakaran

    Many of you might be curious to know more about them and their journey so far, Mr. Akash Pandey from Allahabad ( Uttar Pradesh) and Prabhakaran from Bangalore (Karnataka) met through mutual friends and over a period they both realized their common interest and tried to help freshers in some way they could. Unfortunately the lack of guidance/clarity of information regarding interviews for freshers who come to Bangalore from various parts of India was still an unsolved puzzle even today while Mr. Akash started his journey from U.P to Bangalore with one dream which is to get his first job in the year 2011 and Bangalore being a dream place for any aspirants who is seeking an entry in to the IT, he too followed the same. While he started his job hunt he ended up facing many problems which he tried to solve in small ways for his juniors and close circle of PG mates.

    Mr. Prabhakaran Born and raised in Bangalore through an engineering graduate enjoyed connecting with people more and was more interested in Business interaction and getting into the Business development side. Both had their individual challenges on how they could accumulate all the challenges that a fresher gets to face in their journey and find a feasible solution to the same, While they both say they believe in energy and vibes maybe that’s the energy that both of them together in 2017 and paved way for the inception of “KODNEST TECHNOLOGIES” While both of them had a set of ideas on how to solve the basic problems that a fresher encounters they also found a common point to set their agendas, vision and mission for kodnest.

    The most common problem a fresher faces is lack of exposure to reality, lack of skills/knowledge and mainly lack opportunities to even exhibit the abilities to an employer. Starting off with small workshops, crash courses and trying to help through their connections to get the students referral drives they realized the number of students who were enrolling it only became a case of getting to  the roots of the problem than trying to find a temporary solution and that is when they quit their jobs and took up full-time roles at kodnest and invested all their savings into the setup.

    Kodnest technologies are now ready but how do we start solving the deep-rooted problems in our technical education especially knowing that almost 12 Lakhs engineers graduate every year while a handful are suitable for the available for the open positions, Instead of trying to find faults in the existing system they tried to find solutions of how things could be done better and that’s when they initiated job oriented training programs for fresher graduates and provided free training to those who are passionate and keen on making a career in IT but are either economically weak or lack the exposure to the path to IT.

    While ensuring that quality of the full-stack development training is top-class and understanding that there are numerous training institutes they understood most training institutes act just as a bridge by giving a basic understanding of technologies like java or testing and do not get into the depths of the content and groom them to be industry while  most institutes are also crowded with more than 300 students in a classroom which voids the very need of quality education that’s when Mr. Akash and Mr.Prabhakaran decided to start both free and paid batches which would also help them grow as a company too. From then everything has been on track for these founders where they have trained more than 1500 students in the last 2 years and have also got 150+ clients to their hiring partners list. Their uniqueness is that they ensure limited strength in their batches and also their fees is almost 50% of what other training institutes charge and they also have a policy of ZERO COST for their clients and students for placements yes you heard it right, they charge only for their training programs which is a very nominal cost.

    Now they have taken their training to online mode as well and trust me if there was anyone from the offline training models who has transformed their model to the online training mode then it was only Kodnest technologies and the online training is led by an instructor while many companies do this but most of them deal with self-paced learning and In a country like India the dream of less privileged / Middle class or first in the family engineering students cannot cope with it as they need someone to guide them. The founders at kodnest want to help those from such backgrounds who can only dream of a job in the IT, those who are from tier 2 or 3 colleges.  Kodnest has made a smooth transition to online training with live interaction with their trainer’s regular doubt sessions and also  personal mentorship for every individual which will get them to know about the ways they can get better along with the technical skills, Aptitude, Soft skills also play an important role in their training programs whether it is online or offline.

    This covid had literally halted all the in-house training companies and Kodnest was the only company which took their training every possible students who want to learn and this year Kodnest is training almost 250 Students for absolutely free without even charging a single rupee and they selected candidates based on a test they conducted while those who didn’t make the cut has joined their paid programs. This Covid has also pushed all the companies to take their interview process virtual which has given a positive hope all the students who are from remote parts to get an opportunity to get placements though they cannot afford to come to Bangalore take the expenses of living and this is surely a welcome move and they were happy that the IT took the step towards virtual interview and hope they keep that as an option for the future too so those who cannot afford to come to metropolitan for job search can benefit through virtual interviews and join once they are selected/offered by a company .

    This journey is indeed a remarkable one so far, Also the founders are extremely happy to have achieved 93% placement success ratio in their last batch and are strong to have a similar or better results in this academic year too. They have been successful in running their company bootstrapped for 3 years without any investments and also the team has now grown to 15 members from just the 2 founders and they are sure to be a size of 25 members by June 2021 and train those passionate students from any part of India with a nominal training fee.

    For more information visit : https://www.kodnest.com