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  • Ayesha Kaur shares her advice on what makes a content creator outstanding?

    Published on August 19, 2022

    If social media is the new market, then content is the product that is being offered! And guess who the marketer is? Well, the content creators. Now, there’s already a clutter of creators and many are asking themselves the same question: “How do I stand out?”. To answer this question, the successful social media star Ayesha Kaur has come forward. And she will share advice from her experience.

    Being outstanding is exigent. No matter which field you are in, you have to manage to set yourself aside from the pack. But how? Addressing the content creation world, Ayesha Kaur asks the emerging creators and influencers to be CONSISTENT. “Once you are into crafting entertainment and making content, don’t stop! Just keep going… It’s because you don’t know when and which of your reels might go viral.”

    Why do we follow these influencers? Well, it’s because they design the content that we crave! Taking this, Ayesha Kaur adds her opinion. She says, “People love the trend, but they will not appreciate the same content. What new content can you provide featuring the same trend? Be UNIQUE or RELATABLE. As soon as they feel that you and they are on the same page, they will push the like button like anything.”

    In concluding her guidance lecture, Ayesha Kaur added, “Be RESILIENT. Success takes time. There are going to be days when your one reel is all over the internet and the other one is barely making noise. So, be patient because success takes time.”

    We hope that you have noted the words shared by Ayesha Kaur and that they might guide you to being a successful content creator.

    Ayesha Kaur started her journey years ago, and with persistence and patience, she kept making content, and eventually, people started finding them relatable and worth appreciating. Today, Ayesha has more than 230k followers on her Instagram and she has worked with brands like Boat, Frotein, Blaupunkt Audio India, etc.


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