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  • BHIS Malad Students Paint School with Inspiring Stories from the Nation to Commemorate India’s Independence Day

    Published on August 15, 2023

    Mumbai: Commemorating India’s 77th Independence Day, the students of Billabong High International School (BHIS) in Malad initiated a unique art initiative by turning the walls of the school into canvases with social messages and cultural nuggets.

    The art initiative titled ’77 Stories from the Nation: Nation First, Always First’ captures the vivid imagination of learners and the light in which they see India’s progress. The thoughtful murals, created by a team of 300 plus enthusiastic 6th to 12th Graders, are vibrant and infuse a sense of pride. It tells the story of India’s cultural heritage, the glorious journey of India from then to now – the wall murals represent the art and culture of different states of India and also the recent advances in STEM, notably even the Chandrayaan.

    Commenting on the initiative, Dr. Radhika Srinivasan, Principal, BHIS Malad, said, “Today, our school walls echo the journey of India’s art and culture and technology, inspiring our students to cherish the freedom and uphold unity in diversity. I am happy to see how these young minds have used the power of paint and brush to put forth their country’s achievements. In every stroke, the students have celebrated India’s journey to independence, honouring the past and celebrating the future.”

    She added, “At BHIS, our focus has been towards teaching the children ‘how to think’. We believe that this can only be achieved by encouraging the students to freely articulate their thoughts and put them out relatively.

    Mahi Sabhlok, a Grade 11 student, said, “Today, we honour the legacy of those who paved our path to freedom. At the same time, we are also celebrating the achievements that India has showcased in the last 77 years. I thank my school for providing me with an opportunity to colour our aspirations for a brighter tomorrow, while carrying forward the spirit of independence.”


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