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  • New Delhi  : China is one of the popular destinations among Indian students to pursue MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) due to its relatively affordable tuition fees and reputable medical universities. According to the expert counselor at Jagvimal Consultants & Management Services Pvt. Ltd., here are some key points to consider if you are planning to study MBBS in China:

    1. Admission Requirements: Typically, to get admission to medical colleges in China, Indian students are required to hold a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification. Additionally, the MOE-approved 45 medical colleges in China offer English-taught MBBS programs, so students must meet specific language proficiency requirements. 
    2. Duration of Program: MBBS in China lasts for six years, including one year of internship.
    3. Tuition Fees and Living Costs: Tuition fees in China medical colleges are comparatively more affordable than in other Western countries. When talking about living expenses, China could be an affordable option for Indian students but it still depends on the city they are living in and even their lifestyle.
    4. Visa and Legal Requirements: To study in China, international students need to apply for a student visa (X1 or X2). Don’t forget to follow the requirements and updates for obtaining a visa.

    Top 5 Medical Colleges in China:

    China has a significant number of medical colleges and universities offering various medical programs, including MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) in English and Chinese language mediums. Here are some well-known and best medical colleges in China:

    1. Xi’an Jiaotong University: Xi’an Jiaotong University is a member Double First Class University Plan, C9 League, Project 985 and Project 211 by the government. It is a prominent university located in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China. It is a comprehensive university that offers a wide range of academic programs in engineering, technology, applied economics, management, and life sciences.
    • Teaching Language: English
    • Duration of Study: 5+1 years
    • Tuition Fee: 40,000 RMB / year 

    2. Nanjing Medical University: Located in the city of Nanjing in Jiangsu province, this university is one of the best medical colleges in China among the 45 MOE-approved medical universities of the country. It is a modern medical education institution having a complete range of disciplines, first-class research capacities and strong faculty. It is one of the best medical universities under the direct administration of the Chinese Ministry of Education. The university is considered the top medical university in China because of its geographic position. The university offers bachelor’s, master’s, PhD degrees and doctoral research programs. The university offers entry-level scholarships for the bachelor’s degree medicine program taught in English.

    • Teaching Language: English
    • Duration of study: 5+1 years
    • Tuition Fee: 34,000 RMB/year 

    3. Jiangsu University: Of all medical colleges in China, Jiangsu University is a prestigious university and in demand by Indian students. It is a comprehensive research university located in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China. The university is known for offering an English-medium MBBS in China for Indian students. 

    • Teaching Language: English
    • Duration of study: 5+1 years
    • Tuition Fee: 34000 RMB/year 

    4. Yangzhou University: Situated in the city of Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou University is grew as a result of the merger of six-local colleges in 1992. It is a key comprehensive university of this province and one of the 1st universities in China authorized to grant both master’s and doctoral degrees. It offers a wide range of medical and healthcare-related programs, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees. The university has multiple faculties, schools, and affiliated hospitals covering fields such as clinical medicine, stomatology, public health, nursing, medical imaging, and more.

    • Teaching Language: English
    • Duration of study: 5+1 years
    • Tuition Fee: 30,000 RMB/year 

    5. Xuzhou Medical University: This medical university was established in 1958, and is now an institution of higher learning. It comes under the direct administration of the Jiangsu Provincial Government and is one of the oldest and largest medical universities in China, recognized for its high-quality medical education and research. The university opened its MBBS for international students in 2005. With an advantage on the geographical front and the attention of the whole college, Xuzhou Medical University developed education for international students very fast. 

    • Teaching Language: English
    • Duration of study: 5+1 years
    • Tuition Fee: 33000 RMB/year 

    Why Study MBBS in China as an Indian student?

    Studying MBBS in China ((Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) offers several advantages for Indian students. Here are some reasons why many Indian students choose to pursue their medical education in China:

    1. Affordable fees and living: One of the primary reasons is the affordability of studying medicine in China. The MBBS cost in China is within the budget of most Indian medical aspirants. Compared to many other countries, China MBBS fees for Indian students and the overall cost of living are relatively lower, making it a cost-effective option for Indian students.

    2. High-Quality Education: China has made significant advancements in its higher education system, including medical education. Many medical universities in China are well-regarded and offer high-quality medical programs with state-of-the-art facilities and well-qualified faculty. High-quality education, world-recognized degrees and low MBBS fee in China make it a perfect destination for study. 

    3. English-Medium Programs: MBBS in China for Indian students is offered in English language. However, it does not eliminate the need to learn the Chinese language. Knowledge of one of the most known languages of the world invites man long-term opportunities for the students willing to study China medical colleges. This makes it more accessible for Indian students to pursue medical studies in China.

    4. Recognition by Medical Councils: Many medical universities in China are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) and are recognized by medical councils in various countries, including the National Medical Commission (NMC). This ensures that the MBBS degree obtained in China is valid and accepted in India and other countries.

    5. International Exposure: Studying in China provides Indian students with the opportunity to experience a different culture, interact with students from diverse backgrounds, and gain international exposure. This broadens their perspective and prepares them to work in a global healthcare setting.

    6. Modern Facilities and Research Opportunities: Medical universities in China have well-equipped facilities, including modern laboratories, research centres, and teaching hospitals. This provides students with practical training and research opportunities, enhancing their skills and knowledge.

    7. Simplified Admission Process: The admission process for Indian students to Chinese medical universities is typically straightforward. The universities have clear guidelines and criteria for international students, making the application process more accessible.

    8. Cultural Exchange: Living and studying in China allows Indian students to experience Chinese culture, traditions, and language. It fosters cross-cultural understanding and helps build lasting friendships with students from different parts of the world.

    However, China offers many advantages for Indian students seeking an MBBS program, it’s essential to conduct more research about specific universities, their recognition by medical councils, and the overall quality of education before making a decision. Additionally, students should consider factors such as living conditions, cultural adaptation, and support services from international students in China. One can reach out to Jagvimal Consultants & Management Services Pvt. Ltd. for their expert suggestions and can schedule a one-to-one counseling session. 


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