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    Bitcoin and Old-School Entertainment

    Published on January 15, 2021

    Pretty much all of us are familiar with the 21st-century marvel that is cryptocurrency. The tech made its debut back in 2009 with Bitcoin, and it hasn’t stopped thriving since! Bitcoin’s only been on the market for a little over a decade, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pay homage to some of the incredible achievements we’ve had far before that. Most notably, Bitcoin is a nostalgia-inducing machine in the entertainment field. Sure, it’s not something most people associate with cryptocurrency, but it’s a big part of the crypto world we all know and love. If you’re in the mood for a throwback, here’s how you can experience some old-school entertainment with Bitcoin.

    A Timeless Casino Classic

    Nothing screams old-school entertainment like playing a round or two of poker with your good friends, and it’s not too hard to find a casino and enjoy these games today. It’s no secret that the traditional casino industry is still a big deal, but a new twist on an old classic seems to be taking over little by little. Of course, we’re talking about the growing popularity of online casinos. These websites host digital versions of old-school classics like Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat, and offer players an easy way to access these fan-favorites anytime, anywhere!

    Something a lot of people aren’t that familiar with is a subclass of online casinos that’s specifically aimed at crypto enthusiasts – Bitcoin casinos! As you can imagine, what makes Bitcoin casinos special is the use of Bitcoin payments as a deposit and withdrawal option. Users that have some coins in their crypto wallet are free to enjoy a hefty collection of these timeless classics, and more than a few updated versions of classic slot games! To make things even better, Bitcoin casinos often run themed promotions that draw inspiration from the ever-changing world of crypto.

    An Arcade-Inspired Throwback

    When people think of how to profit with Bitcoin, the first thing that comes to mind is usually Bitcoin trading. We can’t say that we blame them. Bitcoin trading is undoubtedly the best way to score a great return on your investment, and thanks to platforms like the Bitcoin Pro website, it’s easy for anyone to give it a try. Combining a great source of information with tons of helpful trading tools, Bitcoin trading platforms can do anything from helping you navigate the market to completely automating your trading with an AI tech boost.

    While Bitcoin trading takes the top spot in the area of earning of profiting with Bitcoin, it’s not the only way for people to score some of it. A rising trend in the field that many are interested in is the insanely entertaining Bitcoin games! Most often, Bitcoin games appear as browser minigames that are easy to access. Two things make them special. The first one is the rewards. Players that put in the time and effort to progress through the levels and come out on top get Bitcoins! The rewards aren’t extravagant, but who can say no to free Bitcoin?

    The second thing that makes these games special is their design and gameplay. The majority of Bitcoin games draw inspiration from old-school arcade games! To make things even better, they’re not blatant rip-offs of old classics like most other browser games we see today. The games have a similar graphics and animation style, similar gameplay, and even sound effects, but the stories always add some novelty! There’s nothing like a touch of arcade nostalgia to get us in the competitive spirit, and with Bitcoin rewards on the line, these games are a perfect option.

    Living the Vintage Dream

    This last one isn’t exactly entertainment in the traditional sense of the word, but for collectors of vintage memorabilia and old-timey pieces, it’s as close as it gets. As you may already know, it’s taken Bitcoin a long, long time to finally break through to the mainstream. While the cryptocurrency had quite a bit of trouble making its way into popular shopping destinations, it’s now being widely accepted into traditional and online shops across the globe!

    One of the many retailers that are now Bitcoin-friendly is the insanely popular Etsy. This major online retailer is known for carrying the best home-made and vintage items you’ll find in the world! From 19th century inspired home décor to some crazy pieces from the 70’s disco era, there’s nothing you can’t find when browsing through the many shops on the platform. With vintage looks back in style, a big trend with fashionistas is scoring great vintage pieces on Etsy. So, gloss over a great Etsy shopping guide, ready your Bitcoin wallet, and prepare for the haul of your life!