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  • Sunday, September, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:37:06
  • Selling in the overseas market is a great way to boost any business’s working and earning potential. And it is even better if you sell in the European Union. The EU is a single market, and despite that, the trading efficacies are evident. It is the largest single market and has powerful countries that make it a robust region for international trade.

    And since the internet has taken over the market space, businesses now have a digital presence. Along with that, they are also joining the export trade with e-commerce platforms of their own or third-party service providers like Amazon to sell in Europe. Amazon is a multichannel company with achievements in almost every industry. But above all, it is an eCommerce giant. 

    It offers colossal reach to your organization. More than that, Amazon is a trusted brand with a massive audience, and you can leverage this to your benefit. With an original brand name associated with your company, you can be sure that your audience will trust you, provided you offer authentic and quality products that solve consumer problems. 

    The Amazon Global Selling for Europe is undoubtedly a big brand. But is it worth using the platform? Many sellers are hesitant to expand their reach to the countries of the European Union. But when you do not utilize the forum, you are increasing the opportunity cost. 

    Many sellers are of the opinion that the legal formalities, languages, judicial reasons, new marketplace, understanding the policies, application, and lengthy processes may become a barrier in your export. You need not worry as you are not alone. Many exporters have this dilemma that keeps them from expanding their business. 

    But you can trust Amazon to sell in Europe. And rather than selling in only one country in the UK, you will benefit better when you trade in all the six countries in the EU. Following are the advantages of using Amazon as a part of your export voyage. 

    1. Amazon has the most extensive active set of customers that you can target and sell your products to. With Amazon selling for Europe, you can access five lucrative markets easily.
    2. The readymade audience compiles approximately 300 million people. 
    3. Expanding through Amazon gives you the benefit of economies of scale too.
    4. There are multiple ways of selling through Amazon in the UK, and you can select any one based on your feasibility and accessibility.

    The following are some benefits of exporting your products and expanding your business to Europe.

    • It is the largest single market.

    According to the International Monetary Fund, European Union is a larger economy than the USA and Japan and generates a nominal GDP of 16.2 trillion euros. It also makes it the largest economies in the world. The union includes some of the wealthiest countries that offer great opportunities for your trade too. So, you can try your hands at exporting in the EU.

    • Free mobility and tariff-free export.

    The creation of the European single market in 1993 was based on this reason only- the free movement of goods across countries in the market. You can choose to trade in other countries without having to establish yourself there permanently. Also, if you have agreed to the rules and regulations in one country, you can trade freely without barriers in any other country of the European Union. And Amazon selling in Europe allows you to remove even the minutest hassle. 

    • One union, one set of rules.

    Europe consists of 28 different government-run regions, and the EU has made it feasible for you to stay aligned with only one set of rules for exporting and importing. This is one of the best reasons that people prefer investing in their export business to Europe with Amazon. They can leverage the customer base in multiple countries without having to comply with a distinct set of rules for every country. 

    • Single currency

    Having to deal in a single currency is no less than bliss for traders. It is cost-effective and less risky. The time and money required to get the currency changed and get it in the local denominations are hectic. With a single currency in use, one can focus on improving the products and services to serve consumers more efficiently. This will not only boost your goodwill but also create a loyal customer base. 

    Europe is inevitably one of the best places to export your products. Irrespective of the size of your business and the niche, you get multiple opportunities for growth by following a single process. Many people find it daunting to adapt to foreign markets. And that is why they refrain from selling internationally. But with the Amazon selling in Europe platform, you can make the most out of all the countries in the EU.