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    Carpets Inter introduced Headlands Collection of Carpets in India

    Published on July 15, 2021

    Every interior has different challenges and needs with respect to aesthetics and ambience, just as every designer has a different vision for their project. Headlands was inspired by the angular formations on the cliff edges and how they merge and blend into a more natural soft organic form where they meet the water.

    Gentle sparks of accent colours on top of very neutral earth tones give a wide selection of options to suit the palette of many interior spaces. Combine Headlands with our flatlands products as shown in the brochure and the possibilities are endless. Whether you are defining different areas with different aesthetics, transitioning from one area to another or helping to navigate safely around a building, Headlands gives you so many options.

    Designed to suit both working environments and hospitality spaces, this collection is very versatile. Soft neutrals can be suited to rest areas and guestrooms, add a little vibrant colour to meeting spaces and dynamic office environments, and add character to corridors and walkways using coordinating combinations.   

    Design Inspiration

    Looking out from the headland where nature perfectly balances two worlds. Between land and water, hard and soft, familiar and unfamiliar. Inviting promises of adventure and new discovery.

    Anticipate new pathways, traverse from peaks to the cliff’s edge, between the known and the unknown . . . . . . what possibilities lie ahead?

    Headlands is a modular carpet tile collection designed to invigorate the simple elegance of Flatlands to produce a beautiful partnership which invites a sense of play and endless possibilities.