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  • Tuesday, October, 2019| Today's Market | Current Time: 02:36:57
  • Stem Cells Used To Pinpoint Cause of Common Type of Sudden Cardiac Death

    Researchers have, for the first time, identified the molecular basis for a condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy that is the most common cause for this type of sudden cardiac death. To do so, the Stanford scientists created induced pluripotent stem cells, or iPS cells, from the skin cells of 10 members of a family with a […]

    First Intestinal Transplant in India

    A 30-year old software engineer became the first Indian recipient of an intestinal transplant following the surgery at Gurgaon’s Medanta Medicity Himanshu was diagnosed with thrombosis (blockage) of the main vein of his intestine back in 2009 and underwent six surgeries through which doctors removed over 95 percent of his intestine. He was put on […]

    ‘More Than 700 Bacteria in Breast Milk’

    The breast milk which is the main source of nourishment for newborns contains more than 700 microbial species, say Spanish researchers. he breast milk received from the mother is one of the factors determining how the bacterial flora will develop in the newborn baby. However, the composition and the biological role of these bacteria in […]

    Subtle Cognitive Declines Follow Menopause

    The year after a woman’s final menstrual period — a phase classified as early postmenopause — is a time in which subtle changes in cognition occur, researchers found. Compared with women in an earlier stage of menopause known as the late menopausal transition phase, those in early postmenopause scored worse on tests of verbal learning […]

    Diabetes increases heart attack risk by 48%

    People with diabetes 48% more likely to suffer heart attack, says a report  of the National Diabetes Audit. Diabetes makes it difficult for the body to control blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels can damage blood vessels and lead to range of complications, such as: heart attacks heart failure stroke angina – chest pain that […]

    EasyMed Services, Inc. Announces Proposed CDN $1.25 Million Private Placement

    Toronto, Ontario :EasyMed Services, Inc. (the “Company” or “EasyMed”) announced today that it intends to complete a non-brokered private placement of up to 1,470,588 units (“Units”) at a price of CDN $0.85 per Unit for gross proceeds of up to CDN $1,250,000 (the “Offering”). Each Unit will consist of one common share and one common […]

    Strides Arcolab and Lilly enter strategic partnership to deliver high-quality, branded Generic Cancer Medicines for Emerging Markets

    by NR INDRAN / INT Eli Lilly and Company and Strides Arcolab Limited today announced a collaboration to expand delivery of cancer medicines in the emerging markets. As a part of this arrangement, Lilly will in-license a portfolio of high-quality, branded generic injectible and oral cancer medicines from AgilaSpecialties, the specialties division of Strides Arcolab […]

    Cabinet approves National Pharmaceutical Policy

    The Cabinet today approved National Pharmaceutical Policy. Now 348 essential durg will come over price control of the goverment and the cost of essential drugs are likely to drop. Group of Ministers headed by Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar had on Wednesday finalised the Drug Pricing formula.

    A*STAR Scientists Identify Potential Drug Target for Inflammatory Diseases Including Canvers

    Singapore : A*STAR scientists have identified the enzyme, telomerase, as a cause of chronic inflammation in human cancers. Chronic inflammation is now recognized as a key underlying cause for the development of many human cancers, autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, and metabolic diseases such as diabetes. This enzyme, which is known to be responsible for providing […]

    Mothers’ Age at Menopause May Predict Daughters’ Ovarian Reserve

    A mother’s age at menopause may predict her daughter’s fertility in terms of the numbers of eggs remaining in her ovaries, according to the new research published online in Europe’s leading reproductive medicine journal Human Reproduction. By assessing ovarian reserve with two accepted methods — levels of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) and antral follicle count (AFC) […]